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Ernie Ball 6166 Mono Volume Pedal

Musical Instruments

Price: $79 to $79 at 1 stores
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Excellent volume pedal; the standard featured

Ease Of Use Well, as the previous review stated, it is about as easy to use as any pedal out there if not easier. In the heel down position, your volume is at 0% and the toe down position it is a 100%. You can use this pedal in your FX to loop to control the actual volume of your amp, or you can use it in front of your amp to use it as a secondary 'guitar volume'. The tuner out is also handy if you don't want a tuner in line. Since I don't use this in my guitar rig anymore, I am using it as a volume pedal for my midi keyboard rig. With an insert cable, you can use it as such. Also, there is a taper switch where you can alter the swell, which is handy depending on what kinda of swell you want. All in all, it is a pretty versatile pedal!

Sound My guitar rig consists of an Egnater Mod 50 head with the Bassman and SL2 modules through either a Mesa or Marshall 4x12 cab. My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Eric Johnson Strat. I play mostly metal, jazz, and prog styles. Well, the biggest complaint about volume pedals in general, are that they are big tone suckers. Now I haven't noticed too much tone being 'sucked', but I am sure that in a rig with lots of pedals this may become a bigger issue. Depending on where you put the pedal in your chain determines how the swell affects your signal. I used it in my loop mostly so I could just lower the volume of my amp without going up to my amp. But another great way is early on in the chain, in front of your amp. This will give the volume pedal the same effect as the volume knob on your guitar. You are more or less just altering the gain of your signal going to the amp. So the swell wont be as even or quite as dramatic of a change as the pedal in your loop, but it will sound a little more natural in front of the amp.

Reliability So far, the pedal has proven to be very reliable. The string mechanism makes me a little nervous, but it hasn't failed yet, so Im sure it is ok. The casing is super heavy duty and feels of very good quality.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them

Liked about it Very heavy duty feel
Simple in all aspects
Taper switch a plus

Didn't like Exposed guts
String used in mechanism

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 27, 2009
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Price: $79 to $79
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at 1 stores

Great volume pedal!

Ease Of Use Up and down. How much easier can you get?

Sound This is definitely my favorite volume pedal. I have used the Morely Little Alligator and a boss stereo pedal and loved this one much more. It just feels great, very smooth, no coloring of tone.

Reliability Would never need a backup, it's a tank.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them for support

Liked about it Smooth pedal
did not color tone
unbreakable - -well for me so far

Didn't like Heck for being so simple I would like it to be less expensive, but it's the best one I have found, so I would pay for another if mine were stolen

Overall satisfaction:

By torgeot
Oct 22, 2009
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Price: $79 to $79
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at 1 stores

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