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Fender Classics Series Fuzz-Wah Pedal

Musical Instruments

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Fender's Fuzzy Flavours featured

Ease Of Use At the time, I was hired to play with a band doing a couple of 60s songs, amongst those songs was a few Jimi Hendrix tunes. Now, I thought I had it all. A fender twin doing the best cleans and a mesa boogie rectifier doing just about any kind of crunch needed (Although I normally always use my fender twin and a overdrive pedal) however fuzz was an effect I didn't have although people at the time just said, "Use your mesa, and just crank the gain up!" I felt it wasn't the same as fuzz.

I went and tried a boss fuzz, a fuzz face, and even a fuzz factory but I came across a Fender Fuzz wah (Which killed two birds with one stone really since I didn't have a wah at the time either)

The Fuzz wah is incredibly simple to use, you stamp on the switch depending on if you want to engage the fuzz or the wah, then you bring the pedal up and down for the wah, and the fuzz you swivel the pad sideways depending on how much fuzz you want. There is also a switch underneath that enables you to swap the order of the wah and the fuzz, and there is also a fuzz volume control underneath the unit.

Sound Here's the greatest thing about it. This is one of the best sounding, most authentic 60s fuzz's you can get, especially once you have the wah on. The fuzz is thick and fuzzy and gives you that hendrix tone PERFECT. Although i was at an advantage using a Fender 65 twin re-issue which is just about exactly the same as hendrix used, i tried it into a regular valve hiwatt and it STILL gave me a tone that would make you think of hendrix instantly.

Another thing about this pedal is its usable for everything. Although the wah is lacking a little compared to all single wah units, its very usable, GREAT for funk, and here's the best thing
you can use the fuzz switch as an incredibly transparent volume boost, and add a lot of grit to my sound which enables it for great use for my original stuff.

Reliability Well its a big metal unit, but the switches on the side keep coming a little loose sometimes, but I just tighten them up again. it also has a sort battery life, which took it down a bit. But not a problem for most people who use a power supply.

Customer Support I've only called them up once to ask them a question, and they answered just fine

Liked about it Perfect 60s tone (Hendrix in a box)
Great to use for lots of things, including original material
simple to use onstage.
Kind of rugged

Didn't like The switches on the side can wriggle loose
Not a great battery life
The fuzz volume control can be a little difficult to get to sometimes.
The wah is a little lacking

Overall, does what it says on the box and you can use it for a lot of things.

Perfect for the 60s cover bands, or the originals bands who want something new and quirky.

Overall a 4, it does what it says but could be made better it it was more rugged and perhaps if the wah was more smoother and more noticeable.

Yours fuzzy
Big The Cat

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By Big The Cat
Jan 11, 2011
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