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Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive/Clean Boost Guitar Effects Pedal ... Featured


Price: $7 to $130 at 5 stores
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So nice I bought it twice featured

Ease Of Use What's easier to use than this? Not much... This is one one of those few pedals that sound good no matter where you put the knobs almost.. a couple switches that change the sound (voicing) and the amount of drive or gain. And a boost knob to adjust the amount of boost when engaged by the boost button.

Sound I play with my RG 520/Dimarzio Breeds several G&L's and my les paul custom lite mostly into one of my Rivera, bogner, Marshall plexi ri or vintage fenders. I got one of these when the 10th anniversary model came out and had loaned it to Doug Doppler for his Get Killer Tone series, so when the blue one came out I bought a temporary replacement for it as it is a great "go to" pedals that is the fulltone pedal every guitar player should at least try. The sound is full and focused. and goes from a great clean boost to overdrive to a mild distortion pedal. Also a decent price for what you get...

Reliability No problems or issues and made extremely well, I would
definately gig with this without a backup, that being said
I am very good to my gear so rarely have issues with anything.

Customer Support I contacted fulltone once to ask a question I couldn't find the answer
to anywhere on there site and got no reply. not a good sign but maybe it
was just a bad time for them or they had ISP problems..

Liked about it Great tone, built well, very versatile and not at a sacrafice of tone at any setting. some pedals are versatile but really only sound good in one or two settings which is not the case here.

Didn't like a little big, lack of response from manufaturer, I payed quite a bit for the
10th anniversary limeted edition one and the next year they came out with the same
pedal in blue for more than $50 less. I'm not a rich collector so that was aggravating.

Overall satisfaction:

By ChrisPcritter
Dec 03, 2010
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Price: $7 to $130
Compare Prices
at 5 stores

My first ever boutique pedal! featured

Ease Of Use This is a very versatile drive pedal with several modes and options available. Not only do you have the Vintage, Flat Mids, and Comp cut modes, but you also have the Standard and Mosfet modes as well. There have been several versions of the Fulldrive 2. The newest ones have the Mosfet mode available, but mine is older and only has the Standard mode. As far as complexity, it is maybe one step above a Boss drive pedal. You have your standard volume, overdrive, and tone knobs, plus a boost knob to control the amount of boost when you engage the boost switch. Then you have your mode switches, so all in all it is pretty simple to operate. I think an ideal situation for this pedal would be in front on a clean to semi clean, single channel amp. Then use this pedal for all of your drive sounds, including a solo boost. You could even roll off your guitar volume for your cleans. This could work in any rig of course, but I think it is designed for a single channel amp type setup.

Sound My main rig is an Egnater Mod 50 head with the Bassman and SL2 modules through either a Mesa or Marshall 4x12 cab. My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Eric Johnson Strat. I play metal, jazz, and prog styles. These types of pedals are all very cool, but you are not going to get a high gain distortion from them. For that, I use the channels on my amp. Like I mentioned before, I think this pedal was designed for a single channel type amp setup, and basically a pedal for all of your lower to mid gain tones. Even though it won't get into high gain territory, not like it was designed too anyway, it does the mid to low gain thing very well. It basically covers every tone in the aesthetic very well. All sorts of tones are available with the mode switches, and the boost is a big bonus. A very cool feature of most Fulltone pedals is the ability to run it at 18 volts as opposed to the usual 9 volts. This increases the headroom and gives it an even more amp-like feel. I used this pedal extensively on an album I recorded with my old band. It sounds great on Strats and also works very nice for fat low gain solos. I think in the years since it was released, there have been better sounding drive pedals made. but that doesn't mean it isn't a great pedal. It sounds way better than any Boss drive pedal I have ever used. It is one of those pedals that I will always keep, since it has a lot of memories associated with it. Anyone looking to step into the boutique drive pedal world should consider this classic.

Reliability All of the Fulltone pedals I have owned were EXTREMELY well made. In fact, I know for a fact they are hand-made in California. Never once have I had a problem.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them.

Liked about it Very cools sounds
Well made
Easy to Use

Didn't like Some slightly better pedals are out there for drives

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Jan 01, 2010
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Price: $7 to $130
Compare Prices
at 5 stores

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