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Fulltone OF Guitar Effect Octafuzz

Musical Instruments

Price: $133 to $135 at 2 stores
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Better than a real Octavio??! I Think so... featured

Ease Of Use This blue box of vintage fuzz majesty only has 2 knobs and a small defeat switch. Pretty much a monkey can work it. All you need is ears.

Sound Ok, so if Hendrix is your spice of life, then this holy grail of tone may be the fuzz box you've been looking for your whole life. I collect fuzz boxes and even the re-issue of the Octavio was a little dissapointing until I found this thing. It has a volume knob to compensate for the output gain knob as you can either increase or decrease either for more or less fuzz or octave (or you can flip the octave defeat switch if you just want to use the Octafuzz as a gnarly vintage fuzz box). It's upper octave is very pronounced around just past the 12 o'clock on the gain knob with the volume around 3 o'clock (you would have to almost kill the fuzz on an Octavio for this effect; essentially you get lots of fuzz AND the octave effect!) This is especially the case with single coil guitars, and on the neck pickup. Like all octave pedals, it is VERY responsive to volume changes allowing for ultra cool "velcro tearing" effects and almost ring-modulated type sounds. However what really makes this a winner is that using humbuckers with the Octafuzz doesn't always kill the upper octave effect and you still get WAY KILLER fuzz tones...sheer fuzz bliss!

Reliability Its true bypass. Its built like a tank. It also has a 9V adapter (a BIG IMPROVEMENT over the original Octavio!). The Octafuzz is simply a better pedal, IMHO.

Customer Support Never had to deal with Fulltone, but I love their pedals.

Liked about it 1) Ultra-vintage tone. Easily as good or better than the Octavio.
2) Works AWESOME with humbuckers as well single coils.
3) Has a 9V adapter.

Didn't like complaints!

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By SonicProvocateur
Dec 30, 2009
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Price: $133 to $135
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at 2 stores

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