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Fulltone UO Guitar Effect Ultimate Octave

The Ultimate Octave... A very fat Distortion/Fuzz with a very active tone control and a separate footswitch that kicks in the most searing Octave-Up available... use it as a Fuzz or Octave-Up.With True-Bypass and LED's (for both features), it also ...

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Great Hendrixy tones featured

Ease Of Use The UO is a fantastic classic fuzz pedal with a great octaver. It's got 3 knobs and 3 switches, fairly straightforward. I found it wasn't hard to get a good sound from this, but there's also a lot more than one good sound in it and it takes some time to really fine tune things.

Sound The fuzz tones are perfect for getting that old school Hendrix sound and the pedal adds a different flavor to the usual overdrive/distortion units that most people have. The Octave setting tracks very well and creates an even cooler vibe. I found the tone control to create usable sounds across it's entire sweep but I tended to favor it around 10-11 o'clock. At that setting, with the octave engaged, I got a very smokey old fuzz sound that was a joy to play. I usually left it set to fat but the bright switch gave it some extra versatility and tonal options, especially when the octave was engaged. It seemed to bring out the overtones a little more that way. The true bypass is accurate, with no power or battery connected, the box still passed the signal in the off setting. I used it on the clean channel of my amp exclusively because it could be a bit noisy on a gain channel if the either the fuzz or the volume was cranked.

Reliability It was sturdy for me. I gigged with it without problem and the switches held up. I was worried about the fat/bright switch and my stomping tendencies, but it never gave me any problems.

Customer Support I emailed them a few times and got responses eventually, nothing problematic, just a few questions about some of their pedals. It's a small outfit so I wasn't expecting immediate service, and they answered my questions in a satisfying manner so I won't fault them too much for the few days response time.

Liked about it 1. Great fuzz effect.
2. Excellent tracking octave.
3. Good build quality.

Didn't like 1. Expensive - this is a boutique pedal and it's priced accordingly. It's an excellent effect pedal that I use for a particular niche. If you don't play much fuzz, you probably don't need to drop 200 on this pedal. I don't think it isn't worth the price, but I sometimes question whether I couldn't have gotten by with something a little less expensive.

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By smooth55
Aug 05, 2009
Last updated: June 24, 2010
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Price: $792 to $792
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