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Godlyke Power-All PA-9D 9V Digital Power Supply Deluxe Kit

The Godlyke Power-All PA-9D is a 2000mA, single-outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effects users. Don't waste money on batteries or take up valuable space with multiple wall wart adaptors or power bricks. The Power-All system can ...

Price: $37 to $39 at 2 stores
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Works fine

Ease Of Use easy to use, plug the cords into your pedals, plug it onto the wall. that's it

Sound doesn't degrade the sound at all, my only complaint is when i used this with my ibanez weeping demon, when the pedal was in the bass position, it hummed. So i tried it with just the 9 volt, and no noise. So its not the power all 9 volt brick, but the daisy chain. not a big deal for me, because i had an extra 9 volt

Reliability life time warranty i believe, and it hasn't broken yet, after a year and a half

Customer Support never dealt with them

Liked about it -2 amps of power, enough for your whole board
-comes with adapters(not that i need them though)
-small brick at the end
-reasonably priced

Didn't like -the cable with the plugs on them may make some pedals hum
-should have some kind of adapter to lower the voltage, to give some pedals the sound of a dying battery

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By IBZshredder
May 16, 2011
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Price: $37 to $39
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at 2 stores

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