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Line 6 ToneCore Stereo Dock Guitar Effects Pedal

Musical Instruments

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Quite an inventive concept in effects featured

Ease Of Use This is somewhat of a special review because I am commenting on the dock itself rather than the module and dock as a whole. As you know, you have to have both for the pedal to operate. Anyway, this is quite an inventive concept in guitar effects. When you think nothing is new under the sun, a company comes out with something new! The idea is that you can buy separate modules and use them with one dock. The module and dock are separate, so you have a lot of options with that in mind. You could change your order of effects just by swapping out modules and leaving the docks plugged in. Or, you could take several modules and one dock to a recording session and just swap out modules there. There are lots of possibilities. To swap out a module, you need to press the little recessed round button with a pen or the end of a guitar cable, and the module pops out. To put it back in, you just insert and and snap it back into place. Another really cool feature is the tap mode. With some of the effects, you can tap in a tempo by tapping on the pedal, but not hard enough to activate the bypass. The tapping method is a great way to use space and technology. This tapping method is a great concept that translates beautifully to the pedals. The Tonecore line of pedals is easy to use and even easier to swap modules. It is a great concept that translates beautifully to the pedals.

Sound Well, I am going to stay out of this section because the dock doesn't do anything without the actual module. But, from the Tone Core series, all of the modules worked equally well with the docks leading me to believe they are made well and are consistent. The stereo outs are a great addition and when paired with modules, they sound great.

Reliability These things are built like tanks! Extremely heavy and heavy duty. Probably the heaviest pedals I have ever owned.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them

Liked about it Heavy duty!
Awesome concept
Stereo ins/ outs

Didn't like A little pricey for the dock by iteslf
The tap tempo can be sometimes tough to do

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Jan 01, 2010
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