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Line 6 ToneCore Tap Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

Tap Tremolo - Stereo Tremolo Effects Foot Pedal Stomp Boxes The Line 6 Tap Tremolo is a ToneCore(TM) series professional Tremolo effects foot pedal for electric guitar and bass. The unit is powered by a standard 9 volt battery or the optional DC-1 ...

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Great Tap Tremolo for the $ featured

Ease Of Use The Tone Core line was really an excellent idea, and in my opinion very underrated. The idea behind the pedals is that they consist of a module and a dock. You can purchase each of these separately or together depending on your needs. If you wanted to save money and still have a bunch of effects, you could purchase one dock and a bunch of modules. You would have to choose which module you would want to play at one time, but you would save some money. Anyway, this pedal is pretty easy to use just like most tremolo pedals. You have 4 knobs plus 3 modes to choose from, and the option of stereo ins and outs. The one thing that is kinda tricky is the tap feature. In order to tap the speed, you press down on the footswitch, but not all the way down. See, it is a dual mode footswitch. If you press moderately hard, this engages the tap feature. Tap four times and then your speed is set. If you press too hard, the pedal goes back to bypass mode. I think that is an ingenious way to tap in a tempo without adding another footswitch or having the musician have to purchase one separately. In the heat of battle, it may be somewhat difficult to tap without pressing down too hard, but otherwise this pedal is pretty easy to use and operate.

Sound My main rig is an Egnater Mod 50 head with the Bassman and SL2 modules through either a Mesa or Marshall 4x12 cab. My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Eric Johnson Strat. I play metal, jazz, and prog styles. Soundwise, this pedal can cop a bunch of trem sounds thanks to the mode selector and the 4 function knobs. You can go from very buttery and subtle, to all out helicopter blade choppyness. All of the modes sound pretty convincing too. Now from what I gather, this pedal isn't analog, so it is a chip doing the modeling. It isn't perfect but it does sound really good. I did notice some extra noise when engaging the pedal which bugged me. Also, it didn't sound very 'organic'. The effect wasn't really that special or inspiring, probably because it was modeled and not analog. Now this pedal does sound really good, but I am just really picky with my effects. Overall, it is a great tremolo pedal, but for the boutique freaks out there, there are probably better choices. Granted, those choices most likely don't have a tapping ability.

Reliability One of the heaviest pedals I have ever owned! Unlike the dock, the module is made of plastic and feels a little flimsy, as do the knobs. But it seems to be made pretty well.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them.

Liked about it Cheap for a tap tremolo
Very nice Sounds
Tap tempo ability!

Didn't like Not boutique level
Knobs a little cheap
A little noisy

Overall satisfaction:

By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 29, 2009
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