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Morley Mark Tremonti Wah Pedal Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $8 to $119 at 8 stores
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"It's switchless!" featured

Ease Of Use No learning curve here. Rock it forward and it's on. Rock it back and it turns off. No mechanical switch so you don't need to worry about how hard to step on it, or getting a click.

Sound Sounds killer for metal solos. It has a longer throw than a Crybaby or a Vox wah which makes for deeper fatter wahing. The Tremonti sounds less shrill and more smooth, even liquid. It gives you some treble boost and some mid boost. Sounds better than any other wah I've tried. The Q is set in such a sweet spot! If you wah a note just right it will sound like it's jumping out of the speakers.
The boost knob is helpful, allowing you to dial in a volume boost when the wah is on. It doesn't give me a huge boost in volume (when playing with distortion) but it adds attack and edgy saturation to notes. When I turn it too loud I get a lot of background humm, even running on batteries, but with a small amount of boost, it sounds amazing.
I never use it clean, only with distortion.
The bypass is pretty good, and only shaves off a little bit of treble; not like a Vox or a Crybaby which will totally ruin your high end.

Reliability It looks great, feels great and the inside parts look also very
quality like ! Have it since 3 years on my board without any problem.
I never have try it with batterys, so I cant say anything about that.

Customer Support My dealing with the company have been strictly on a pre-sales basis. However, I cannot fault their helpfullness, friendliness and quick response times.

Liked about it I play anywhere from blues,Rock,metal, you name it, and I definently like this pedal. I play a epi les paul , and a Strat loaded with EMG-SAs. If this was stolen, I would definently replace it. Im not an obsessed creed fan , This is just a good wah , designed by a player that knows how to get sick tone.

Didn't like Price wise.

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By Zepp3lin
Aug 05, 2009
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Price: $8 to $119
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at 8 stores

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