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Rocktron HUSH Super C Guitar Noise Reducer

Musical Instruments

Price: $76 to $76 at 2 stores
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Excellent niche player featured

Ease Of Use Now this is a 2 in one unit, it is a noise gate and a real noise reduction in one system. Hence you have to balance the gate and NR yourself. This may be tricky for some, but I actually found it quite easy to do, as you almost need no gate level (had it at 0 many times) if your signal chain is of good overall quality. Just when I added some really crappy equipment to my chain I added a little gate to cut the real obvious crap out.

Sound Now I compared this unit with the best thing I found so far (ISP Decimator ProRack) and have to say I was more than satisfied.
No tone coloring whatsoever found in this unit and very easy to get even highly amplified HISS (high gain + high output + behringer crap pedal) to shut down.

Again you have to know how to use this unit (as with all NR) if you already have screwed up too badly, this unit will not perform magic that will somehow make your signal chain better than what it is.
Played with decent equipment however it will eliminate your noise problems nicely.
Some argue that you loose sustain and cut your tone with this unit. Yes you can do this easily if you set it up wrong, especially with too high gate levels. So I recommend to take your time and go easy on this unit. Follow the manual and again take really time to setup correctly.

Reliability No long time test but seems very well built for a Pro Rack.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Well built
+ Gate + NR
+ no tone coloring

Didn't like You can screw your tone if you do not take your time to set ip up correctly.

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Jan 22, 2010
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Price: $76 to $76
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at 2 stores

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