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Rocktron Prophesy II Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Rocktron's Prophesy II contains exciting new presets programmed by Rocktron endorsers, Dave Mustaine, Gary Hoey, Rusty Cooley, Jimi Bell and more. This outstanding DSP processor provides the ultimate control over your tone and effects. The Prophesy ...

Price: $634 to $634 at 2 stores
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Over processed song

Ease Of Use Another case of too many things but less quality.
It's not a plug and play or a beginner's equipment,it needs a lot of tweaking and manual ,for beginners is a nightmare.

Sound Some effects have too many parameters ,everything sound over processed.After tweaking for about 1 hour I came up with 4 tones that I wasn't happy.
Clean tone was lifeless,adding chorus and delay or reverb made it sound even more muddy,there was no headroom.
Blues tone sounded like a boss overdrive with no treble or presence,I added treble and it sounded fake and I noticed a hiss between my notes.
Crunch tone sounded like a boss heavy metal ,very nasal tone with no dynamics.
Heavy tone was a mass,like 3 boss distortions on.Fuzzy sound even with gain around 5. (1-10)
It was the first equipment I couldn't get any good sound out of it.It was in a recording studio where I worked for about 2 years.Everybody agreed with ne that it sounded really bad.
Voodu valve,chameleon,xpression and piranha are really awesome products but this one is out of my tastes.

Reliability It seems it was built like a tank however as I didn't like its sound I would never play a gig with it.

Liked about it I couldn't find anything good besides I liked its blue display(laughs).

Didn't like 1- Beginners nightmare.

2- Too many parameters and some have weird names.

3- Everything sounded too over processed and lifeless.

4- 2 rack spaces and it's heavy.

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By 6fingers
Aug 06, 2009
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Price: $634 to $634
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