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T-Rex Room-Mate Tube Reverb Guitar Pedal

Musical Instruments

Price: $249 to $249 at 1 stores
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Expensive but well worth it

Ease Of Use Extremely easy to use with a few different options and setting Level, mix, high cut, and s modes
which is simple for such a great reverb pedal

Sound As always I start with my go to axe, RG 520/Dimarzio Breeds then go to my G&L's and my gibson Les Paul Custom lite. Run it into my Subway Rocket (non reverb model) and then in the fx loop. Bogner xtc and with my traynor yba1. It is the best sounding reverb pedal I've tried which doesn't consist of too many, but does include the most recommended ones. If you can't find at least two different reverb sounds you completely fall in love with, I'd say you probably don't really like reverb much. It's not often I will say something is the best I've tried, like with an overdrive pedal, there are too many great ones to pick a "best"

Reliability I got it used a couple years ago and have had no issues.

Customer Support a friend hooked the wrong power supply to his T Rex and blew it up.
T Rex fixed for FREE, he just paid $10 for shipping. They knew he
had caused the problem and still treated him wonderfully. Great
company to deal with..

Liked about it Tone on this one is amazing.
Great modes and high cut
works great with electric and acoustic

Didn't like X PEN SIVE !!!
they no longer make it..

Overall satisfaction:

By ChrisPcritter
Dec 03, 2010
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Price: $249 to $249
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