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TC Electronic G Major Guitar Effects Processor

Musical Instruments

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Excellent budget processor. featured

Ease Of Use It is very easy to dial in sounds with the G-Major. Even without the manual, most users with any knowledge of other effects will find it's pretty intuitive and easy to use. The manual goes into more detail about specific parameters, and is full of info on some of the overall settings like midi, tuning, whether to mix effects serial or parallel, etc. My G-Major has the latest firmware (1.27 I believe).

Sound I run my G-Major in a rack rig with an ADA MP-1 and tube power amp. If you know how to balance input and output levels the unit is totally transparent I don't even notice there. I've swapped it in and out to see if it changes anything when all the effects are off, but it doesn't.

I'm a pretty meat and potatoes guy sound-wise. I generally use a little reverb all the time, occasional chorus or delay on the distortion settings. For cleans, again reverb, but I also use the compressor and delay/reverb/chorus depending on patch. I also like the pitch shift, I generally use it on the detune mode, very much like a chorus sound but without the "swoosh." Very Van Halen-ish when I want that sound.

Reliability The G-Major has been very reliable for me. I would gig with it no problem. I have heard of issues of freezing and start up problems for some people, and it seems to be something that can be resolved by reseating a chip on the motherboard. I'd have to wonder how the chip would dislodge. It's either poorly installed, or the user treats their G-Major roughly.

Customer Support I have never had to deal with them fortunately. I treat most of my equipment very well, and have had no issues with my G-Major.

Liked about it Good modulation and time based effects. For its price, you'd be hard pressed to find a better unit for chorus, delay, reverb. I love the screen, I can see everything I need to at a glance, it is bright and clear, shows the input levels, output and mix as well as what note I'm playing. Extremely easy to use for the most part.

Didn't like The knobs and buttons are a little flimsy. This is obviously one of the areas that they skimped on to cut costs. EQ/Compressor are not the greatest, they're usable but could be better. Phaser and Flanger are more or less useless. I could be biased, but I prefer certain pedals for these effects. This opinion is not really specific to the G-Major either, I pretty much have the same opinion of any multi-effect unit.

Overall satisfaction:

By blackspy
Oct 07, 2009
Last updated: December 08, 2009
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Not what I expected.

Ease Of Use It is very easy to use, and the instruction manual is very friendly and clear. It is one od the best points of this equipment.

Sound I use it with a Ibanez RGT3170, a JPM100p4 or a RG1527 through a full tube amp and a 2x12 cab with V30's. The sound is very impressive, I like a lot the delays.

Reliability One day I turned it on, and it frooze at the starting screen. It never worked well again, and I've heard of other people that have suffered the same. I was able to use it in a gig only once. Also the buttons are pretty fragile, but that's no problem if your treat your equipment with care. That`s were you clearly notice that this is one of the cheapest TC Products.

Customer Support There is no customer support for my country (Chile) so it has been impossible for me to fix it. It is still useless inside it's box, in my closet.

Liked about it Easy to use.
Good sounding.
Using a MIDI footcontroller multiplies your possibilities.

Didn't like Too fragile.
No customer support in Chile.
Noise Gate could have been better.

Overall satisfaction:

By Lechugaz
Nov 16, 2009
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the good and Bad of TC's Gmajor

Ease Of Use its a straight forward unit.. even the factory presets are good to go!! the instruction manual is tells detail information about the unit once you get through it, editing patches is easy, the software can be downloaded directly from Tc website

Sound im running an RG on it.. through a Vamp pro to my peavey head.. the combination is quite impressive.. well some of the effects on the Gmajor is not as good as what i expected.. such as the filter, some reverb sections and the noise gate..howvere the comp , delays.. i think its awesome i just love em!!

Reliability reliability... my unit tends to freeze after hours of playing and some time the startup is a bit slow , and i ve learn that the microchip at the inside front panel could sometimes go loose.. and needs to be tighten up by taping it gently, if its loose it freezes.. and the knobs.. its too fragile.. one my knobs is not functioning well..

Customer Support nope.. i never dealt with them everyting u need to know about Gmajor is on its tc gmajor forum...

Liked about it its look and style
got some good quality sounds that i usually use in my playing
easy to use and i like its detailed manual

Didn't like fragile unit especially the knobs and the freezing part
i wish spare parts for it is easy to get

Overall satisfaction:

By mar01
Oct 13, 2009
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The best in its own category

Ease Of Use Extremely easy to use,you just have to choose a patch,edit it and save it.
Manual is easy even to people who never had this kind of equipment.

Sound I use mine with mesa triaxis preamp,mesa 2.90 poweramp and marshall 1960B cab.
It has really good modulation effects like chorus and flanger,delays and reverbs are good too.
It can gives you that THE POLICE chorus everybody likes.In or out of triaxis loop it's really clean.
The only bad point is compression,it's weak as a boss pedal,a product at this level should had a better compression.

Reliability I have it for about 6 years.I play/played in so many cover bands like Bon Jovi,Europe,Journey,Iron Maiden,Dio,
Dream theater and besides using a lot of patches it never gave me any problem.Some people complain about its scrolling
buttons get loose fast but it depends how you treat your equipment.

Customer Support A friend of mine had a problem with its lcd display.He called the company and didn't refuse to fix it,
they exchanged it for a brand new one.Amazing customer support.

Liked about it 1- Great sounding effects that don't kill your tone.

2- Really easy to use.

3- With a midi footcontroller you can do whatever you want.

Didn't like The only bad point is compression,it needs a better compression with more detailed parameters.

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Aug 04, 2009
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