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Voodoo Lab Superfuzz Pedal

The rare Jordan Electronics Bosstone (circa 1968) is considered by many to be the ultimate vintage fuzz. The Voodoo Lab Superfuzz starts with this classic fuzz design and adds unique tone and resonance circuits to create an amazing new array of fuzz...

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Very nice vintage fuzz tones

Ease Of Use This is a super easy fuzz pedal to use. It is all analog so all you have to do it turn the knobs and go for it.

Sound This kind of pedal sounds best in front of a clean amp. You can use it to sort of boost a high gain type of amp overdrive, but all you really add is a little extra sustain and noise in my experience. This pedal is based on the Jordan Bosstone fuzz if I remember correctly, and it does sound like a vintage type of fuzz. You can go for the Fuzz Face type of fuzz by backing off the resonance control, or cranking it for a Weezer-like wall of fuzz. Overall, I think there is a limited application of a fuzz type of sound, so I didn't really use the pedal much in a live situation. What I did use it for is a sort of 'lo-fi' type of sound in certain parts.

Reliability Built like a tank, never had any issues and would gig without a backup.

Customer Support I ordered some cables from Voodoo lab and they provided excellent service. I think it is a rather small operation.

Liked about it Great vintage fuzz
Can get a variety of fuzz tones
Proved to be reliable

Didn't like Very vintage sounding
Couldn't get really high gain fuzz
Can sound somewhat thin with certain amps

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By Severinsteelsmit
Nov 09, 2009
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Price: $129 to $129
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