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Babicz Full Contact Hardware Telecaster Bridge Featured

A direct replacement and universal upgrade bridge system that fits 3- and 4-hole mount Telecaster guitars. - - The Full Contact Hardware system with proprietary eCAM saddle technology offers dramatic tonal and sustain improvements to the standard Telecaster-type bridge. This is a direct replacement and universal upgrade bridge system for any electric guitar equipped with a traditional 4-hole mount or American standard 3-hole mount Telecaster or similar style fixed bridge. The custom guitar part provides an innovative solution allows for extremely fast and precise individual string height action adjustments as well as accurate individual intonation adjustments including a string height lock and an intonation lock feature. - - Full contact over fifty times that of a conventional bridge saddle is always maintained between the saddle and the body of the guitar. The replacement Telecaster bridge has no gaps or voids to inhibit the transference of the vibration of the string and the resonance of the body. The Full Contact Hardware direct coupling system for Telecaster bridges directly replaces the existing bridge in either three- or four-hole mount systems. The eCam saddle design means that unwanted spaces between the bottom of the saddle and the top of the bass body are eliminated. The Babicz Full Contact Hardware replacement saddle system for Telecaster-style guitars offers unmatched stability, increased sustain, dramatically improved fullness and tone, along with complete adjustability. -

Price: $85 to $97 at 4 stores
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Awesome upgrade to any Telecaster.

Comments One of my classic gripes about Telecaster bridges, be they classic two-strings-per-barrel or one-saddle-per-string is that they never seem to intonate correctly. The Babicz Full Contact bridge not only corrects this problem, but introduces new features that allow you to set up your Telecaster to play like a dream. Their patented eCAM saddles allow you to set up your Telecaster bridge including the string height/action PER STRING!! How great is that!?!?!

Once I got the bridge installed, I immediately noticed that the guitar is ringing "truer" and that it is playing much smoother. This is a piece of hardware that anyone unhappy with their Telecaster setup can't be without.

Update 8/2012--I am now looking at the Stratocaster model for one of my Strats. This is a solid product. I'm still happy as can be with my Telecasters and looking to improve upon my new strat.

Liked about it Exact fit and replacement for Tele bridge.
Ability to adjust intonation and string height/action on a per-string basis.
Different colors to match your exact guitar finish.

Didn't like Have to remove saddles to access mounting screws.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Dec 30, 2011
Last updated: August 03, 2012
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Price: $85 to $97
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at 4 stores

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