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AHB-1s Seymour Duncan 7 string Version of The Blackouts

7 string version of the popular blackout line of PU's available in Phase I which fits most 7 string guitars and Phase II which is a direct retrofit of the EMG 707 Humbucker. 7-string Blackouts are available individually or in calibrated neck and bridge sets. Includes 25K pots, stereo jack, battery clip and other mounting hardware.

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Absolutely Amazing Tone Improvment, Highly Recommended

Comments Where to start, This set of PU's is impressive not only in the tone, output level but also in the ease at which they were to install and the fact that everything you need plus extra in most cases in included in the package.
I am very happy I decided to upgrade my stock Ibanez 7 string PU's with this set.

Liked about it 1. They look fantastic with their flat face design and logo they really add to the appearance of the guitar.
2. The tonal Improvement is Incredible I have not been so impressed with one upgrade as I have with this one.
3. Included is everything you need + to install the PU's, 4 Pots, 2 Caps, Battery Clip, Output Jack.
4. The ease as which they were to install and Since I had passive I had to rewire but if replacing active PU's they are basically plug and play designed.
5. The Increase in sustain, Harmonics, These PU's really transformed my guitar and actually made it (Funny as it sounds) Easier to play and makes me sound a lot better then with the Stock PU's

Didn't like The only thing I have found that irritates me is that I cannot watch my TV while fiddling around with my guitar now. I would bet that if I did a good Shielding job on the PU cavity and Control Cavity it may solve that issue but since I had no issues with Stock PU's I had not thought about that ahead of time and had it shielded, so it is something I will have to plan for next string change.

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By spudler_t
May 31, 2011
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