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Bare Knuckle Aftermath 8 string

from the Bare Knuckle website* - - Accelerated bass response for exceptionally fast tracking of high-speed staccato riffing with crushing mid range and precise high-end articulation; perfect for the modern metal guitarist. - The Aftermath humbucker features a symmetrically hand-wound twin screw coil design and is powered by 3 custom size ceramic magnets. The bottom-end responds quickly to pick attack and tracks fast riffing extremely accurately, mids are focused and intense for ultimate punch no matter how dense the mix or how low the tuning and highs are precise and articulate. With a more compressed dynamic, single notes have masses of sustain while the front of the note is clear-cut and defined even under extreme amounts of gain. - - The Aftermath neck humbucker is Alnico V powered and voiced for fat, powerful clean tones, fluid vocal-like sustain when driven hard and good balance with the bridge humbucker. - - As with all Bare Knuckle humbuckers, 4 conductor hook-up not only allows access to standard series (humbucking) tone but also parallel wiring (still hum cancelling) or selection of either individual coil for total versatility. -

Price: $130 to $130 at 2 stores
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One heck of a ballzy pickup!

Comments This is one heck of a pickup. And when I say one heck of a pickup, I really mean one heck of a pickup. It has huge amounts of gain but still keeps clear on the low end without mud. I got this one installed in my custom alder 8 string Telecaster, which has a set neck.

The first time I played this pickup, I was absolutely astonished. How such a powerful pickup still sounds good on high gain settings. I run it through an ENGL Invader 100 with High Gain settings on, and it keep its clarity. The only thing I don't really like about it, is that it doesn't clean up that well, but that can be corrected on the amp itself.

The sound is very articulate in the mids, and is very punchy in the bass, but not so punchy it vibrates the house off of its foundation. I use it in the bridge, so the solo sound is very sharp and the attack is huge. I don't really like that sound for solos, so I have chosen a DiMarzio D-Activator in the neck for it. I'll be reviewing that one too.

Liked about it - Huge amount of gain without breaking the sound.
- Good quality sound on the low strings, gives a djent without breaking your bones.
- Good equalisation.

Didn't like It is a very likable pickup, but it does have its flaws:

- Sound for solo, which is purely subjective. I don't like it in the bridge position, maybe you do like the solo sound.
- It's very expensive. The quality is amazing, and it sure is a good sounding pickup, but it is one pricey fella.

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Nov 13, 2012
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Price: $130 to $130
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