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Bare Knuckle The Trilogy Suite

Aftermarket single coil replacement pickup.

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Bare Knuckle unleashes the fury.

Comments This pickup is voiced to emulate the tone of Yngwie Malmsteem and comes across larger than life, just as the man himself.

I have this installed in the neck of a Charvel 550xl (thru-neck, with poplar wings I think). Originally it was in the neck of an 80's Kramer Pacer (bolt on and basswood) but it was a bit too much in there and wasn't well balanced with the other pickups, so I decided to move it across to a Charvel 550xl with a Bare Knuckle Miracle Man in the bridge to make an all Bare Knuckle guitar.

The first thing you notice about this pickup is the sheer volume. It is louder than a Miracle man Humbuker in the bridge, although it is pretty noiseless! It is loud enough to drive a dirty channel to the point of insanity, but because it isn't a focused attack it can be too much. Rolling back the volume tames things a bit though

The clean sound is rich, even at the top end. With the volume up it has a snappy kind of pop to it.

The clarity is very good and note separation is good also

With over drive it can push the amp too hard, but again if you roll back it makes things a bit easier to live with.

I would say that these are ideally suited to anyone playing valve amps, particularly if you are relying on power tube breakup to give an overdriven sound.

Liked about it Great clean sound
Amazing Clarity
Works well in the neck position wihtout getting muddy.
Pretty noiseless

Didn't like A little unfocused at full volume
Quite a loud pickup in terms of output, it is hard to pair it with anything else.

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By nickcoumbe
Jul 19, 2010
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