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Bare Knuckle VH II humbucker

A vintage hot aftermarket humbucker.

Price: $105 to $105 at 2 stores
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Bare Knuckle goes for the brown sound featured

Comments Bare Knuckle are arguably one of the best new players to come onto the aftermarket pickup scene in years. They are a UK company that offers hand wound "boutique" pickups at a realistc price.

The VH 2 is described as a vintage hot" humbucker, and seems to aimed at producing the "Brown Sound". As this does have a vintage voicing do not expect a similar performance to a distortion type of humbucker

What it does have is a very clean tone, similar in some ways to a Dimarzio Evolution, but nowhere near as dark and perhaps not quite as loud. This is really aimed at pushing an amp into overdrive, rather than giving a hardcore metal type distortion. It does give an agressive tone, but with a lot of pre-amp gain in your sound you lose the clear note distinction and anything other than palm muted chords becomes a bit muddy and confusing.

The clean sound is good with plenty of clarity and each note almost shimmers, even in the bridge position it is good to play. There is enough output to give a good twangy sound if you push it.

Overall a very good all round pickup, but definately better suited to driving a tube amp than a more modern metal sound.

Liked about it Clear Sound
Excellent Harmonics
Responds evenly to changes in guitar volume.

Didn't like Slightly to open for very heavy distortion
A bit more pricey than the standard aftermarket units, but then they are hand wound!

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By nickcoumbe
Nov 04, 2009
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Price: $105 to $105
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at 2 stores

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