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DiMarzio DP102 X2N Pickup

DiMarzio's highest output humbucker delivers the goods without making mud or breaking glass.

Price: $52 to $55 at 2 stores
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If you want gain, you got it... featured

Comments This is the punisher. DiMarzio's highest output pickup. Menacing looks and the ability to drive even the tamest amplifier into anything from crispy crunch to bone-crushing distortion. If you're a high-gain high-output fan, you should definitely at LEAST take a look at this pickup. At 510 mV output this pickup EASILY produces overdrive and distortion without pedals. Take a listen to the attached sound clips and you'll understand what I mean. I've used the same Line6 POD Farm patch I've used for all my other sound clip reviews (Noise gate + Default Screamer--everything at 12 o'clock + Jumped Plexi with everything dimed). On other sound clips you can hear the crunch of the amp and the push of the Screamer, but the gain isn't over the top. The dirty sound clip (to me, anyway) sounds like I selected something like the Line6 "Insane" model and turned everything all the way up. Mega-distortion is what you get from this pickup, but it's not muddy or shrill. The EQ curve rolls the Bass frequencies off just a little (Bass=5.5, Middle=6.5, Treble=6.5) to keep the tone razor-sharp, tight, and slightly compressed. It's not super-easy to get a clean tone out of this pickup due to the sheer output and dual pole pieces driving a ceramic magnet. However, I know I'm going to catch a TON of grief for the clean sound sample I'm posting, but I figured, "Hey, when ever in your life are you going to hear 'Blue Bossa' played through a shred metal pickup?" It's something like kicking a Super Distortion in the pants, and that's saying something!! Harmonics jump off the strings effortlessly. What probably surprises me the most is that my style of playing is that if I'm playing leads, I'll switch to the neck pickup once I get upwards around the 10th fret. With the X2N it stays fluid and warm higher up the neck. All in all, more of a versatile pickup than I would have thought, but if you just want to slay everyone in the first five rows, it'll do that too. If you really want to blow your mind, attach a coil-splitter to this pickup and you'll be amazed. The 4-conductor wiring allows you to split the coils, and with them split the sound is something that I can only describe as unique. You might expect a significant drop in volume or a huge shift in the EQ curve, but what you actually get is a pickup that would work quite nicely in an H-S-S configured guitar. All things considered, another ear-pleasing offering from DiMarzio.

Note: This clip was recorded using Audacity and the pickup is in the bridge position of an Ibanez RG4EXQM using my standard Line6 POD Farm settings. Notice how the X2N REALLY pushes the normally crunch/overdriven tone of the Screamer into the Jump Plexi into what sounds like a much more high-gain amp. Compare this clip to any of the other clips I've recorded (Using the Super Distortion probably isn't a good comparison) and I think you'll be able to hear the large difference in gain.



Liked about it Wicked looks.
Balanced tone both low and high on the neck.
Split-coil mode provides great tones.

Didn't like Sometimes difficult to find--usually a special order. (But worth it)

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Mar 05, 2010
Last updated: March 10, 2010
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Price: $52 to $55
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