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DiMarzio DP104 Super 2 Humbucker Pickup

A great neck pickup if you like the Super Distortion in the bridge position and are sick of muddy-sounding neck pickups.

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THE classic neck humbucker and perfect pair for a Super Distortion featured

Comments When I was younger, I spent a lot of time around the Sunset Strip during the days of the "hair metal" bands. One of the compulsory tools of the trade at the time was a B.C. Rich guitar. At the time they were producing all sorts of neon colors and wicked body styles. More to the point of this review, the standard pickup complement of a B.C. Rich guitar "back in the day" was a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a Super 2 in the neck. On the Sunset Strip, the was THE sound of Rock 'n Roll. I always wondered how those B.C. Rich guitars always sounded far better than anything going when set to the neck position. Fast forward a decade or two and have Al Gore invent the internet, and we now know the secret. The Super 2 was really just a Super Distortion with the EQ curve compensated for being in the neck position. At first glance, you might look at the EQ curve (Bass=4, Middle=6, Treble=8) and say, "No way! That thing's gonna sound terrible." However, it does just the opposite. Think of the glassy, treble-heavy EQ curves of some of the greatest Strat pickups out there, then combine them with the output of a Super Distortion (425 mV) and you've got yourself a recipe for an incredibly clean, bright, and powerful neck position tone. Of late, I've noticed that DiMarzio has reduced the output of the Super 2 to 400 mV--maybe they found something a little more magical in the roll-off. What I DO know is that every guitar that I have that has a Super 2 in the neck position takes on a whole new persona. You get that wonderful, round, glassy strat-type tone without having to use a pedal. Again, sorry about the poor quality of the sound clips. I'm re-doing my home studio so I'm recording using Audacity on my laptop AND trying out a new type of pick (review to follow).



Liked about it Nice cut-through tone with plenty of output.
Complements the Super Distortion perfectly.
Works great in both split-coil and parallel modes.

Didn't like Hard to find--seems it's lost popularity over the years and some dealers didn't believe it existed when I went to order it.

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By racerevlon
Mar 05, 2010
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