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DiMarzio DP158 Evolution neck

From DiMarzio: - Created for Steve Vai. - Designed for maximum impact and power ' to get a tight, aggressive, loud sound. It incorporates a patented dual-resonance coil configuration that senses more harmonic overtones than ordinary humbuckers. Works in almost all solidbodies and most semi-hollowbodies as well. Though specifically created for Steve Vai's Ibanez Jems, it can add a lot of punch to Les Paul and similar set-neck guitars. Makes the lowest notes jump out of the amp, and feedback occurs easily with a wide range of harmonic overtones. -

Price: $74 to $74 at 2 stores
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A new favorite neck humbucker!

Comments As most of you folks already know--I'm a DiMarzio man, so I'm biased towards these babies to begin with. I just dumped a set of Evolutions into one of my Ibanez RG-570PN twins, and was completely blown away. I've always favored the Tone Zone/Air Norton combo, so I was curious to hear what the Evolutions would sound like in my trust test bed guitar. Let me tell you--I'll put another set in another guitar! The neck Evolution has a nice tight bottom end, while still producing a bubbly tone. It's a pretty hot pickup that packs a punch. This Evolution set is just pure tone. I ran them into my Carvin Legacy and they just made the amp come alive. I never thought I'd find pickups that I'd like better than the Tone Zone/Air Norton combo--I just did!

Liked about it The usual DiMarzio colors are always a treat. I love the bubbly punch of this neck Evolution. The bottom end is very tight and hot. This neck pickups has a very powerful, natural presence. When installed as a set with it's brother Evolution bridge, there is a natural flow of tone when switching between them--a perfect set.

Didn't like Nothing--DiMarzio forever!

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By AlaskaBat
Jul 30, 2010
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Price: $74 to $74
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