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DiMarzio Gravity Storm

The Gravity Storm? is the next step in Steve Vai?s pickup evolution. Steve used to describe pickup sounds in terms of specific frequency responses. Now he describes them as flavor and texture. The flavor of The Gravity Storm? Neck model is sweet and warm, but the texture has an edge to it. It has the depth of a humbucker with some of the bite of a single-coil. - - Recommended For: Neck, can be used in bridge - - Tech Talk: - Most neck humbuckers don?t do a great job at reproducing pick harmonics, especially if they have a warm sound. This one?s different, particularly with 24-fret guitars. The combination of fat neck position tone with harmonics is something we haven?t often encountered before. It has a throaty quality that sounds like a cross between a humbucker and a single-coil. - - Wiring: 4-conductor - Magnet: Ceramic - Output: 290mV - DC resistance: 12.56Kohms - Year of introduction: 2012 - Patent # 5,908,998 & 5,399,802

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A neck pickup that lives between two worlds featured

Comments I've been always looking for a neck pickup sound that lives between humbuckers and single coils. I've only found this type of sound in pickups like The Chopper and The Humbucker From Hell, but I wanted a more fat, warm and compressed sound that pickups like the Air Norton and the Liquidfire gives me.

When I found out that Dimarzio released a new set of Steve Vai signature pickups quickly went to their website to check out their specs. Then I read this: "The flavor of The Gravity Stormâ„¢ Neck model is sweet and warm, but the texture has an edge to it. It has the depth of a humbucker with some of the bite of a single-coil." When I read that statement it definitively got my attention and bought one for my Ibanez PGM 30 with a Dimarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge, a Seymour Duncan Vintage Stagger and a Seymour Duncan '59 neck (which got replaced, of course).

Here's my perception of this pickup:
A good way to describe the sound and feel of the Gravity Storm neck pickup is saying that it has a warm, compressed sound like the Air Norton and the Liquidfire pickups, but with the pick attack pitch, bite and clarity more like of a single-coil. It's a versatile pickup that works well in both clean and distorted sounds.

In clean with the pickup in series, it has the warmth and depthness of a PAF humbucker and the clear, glassy attack, decay and top end of a single coil. With one word, I just can say that it's gorgeous, especially knowing that you can get that sound in full humbucking mode (series). It is also a very good pickup to use in split mode with another single-coil or coil-tapped humbucker, which gets a even clearer and glassier sound. However, it sound so good in series mode already that I don't need to go with the split mode, and that's a lot coming from a player that likes to go with coil-tapped mode when doing clean passages. In general, very good for both straty, bluesy solos and arpeggiated chords.

In overdrive, I just could say the following: It's like an Air Norton (or Liquidfire) with more clearness and bite in the pick attack dynamics and without the boomy sound on the low strings. Therefore, making the sound of the low strings tighter and more piano-like. It's a very good pickup for classic rock bluesy leads as well as for modern rock and metal shred.

It's amazing how Dimarzio was able to achieve this kind of sound, which for me, has the best of two words. You can hear this pickups in action on Steve Vai's The Story of Light, as well as on the youtube video that I posted (if you want to see it's shreddy side).

Dimarzio Gravity Storm Neck Test Drive (video)

Liked about it 1. It's warm and fat yet tight.
2. It's clean and clear, even in the low strings.
3. The pick attack is very defined.

Didn't like There is nothing bad I can say about it.

Overall satisfaction:

By alchemus
Mar 08, 2013
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Provides a fat humbucker tone with single coil attitude. featured

Comments As per the my bridge model review, the Gravity Storm Neck was installed into my Ibanez RG550 20th Anniversary, with a basswood body, maple neck and fretboard, and original Edge bridge loaded with a Floyd Upgrades brass sustain block.

Plugged in to my Blackstar HT-5 and dialed in on the dirty channel, the Gravity Storm Neck is a fat sounding pickup, with a similar output and tone to a PAF Pro, but with a bit more resistance. It has a quick attack thanks to the ceramic magnet. It makes the Gravity Storm feel a little like you are playing a single coil pickup that just happens to be very fat sounding, and hum-free. It is a great counter-part for the Gravity Storm Bridge model.

The Gravity Storm is very smooth sounding, and works very nicely for legato work. It can get a little spongy down the low end of the fretboard on the wound strings, but it still sounds good despite this. Having a fairly high resistance for a neck pickup the Gravity Storm isn't the greatest pickup for cleaning up when rolling down the guitar's volume knob. This is probably due to the height I set the Gravity Storm at to work nicely with how I set the bridge model. You can always lower it a little to clean up the tone, but it might lose a little 'oomph' .

Splitting the neck model Gravity Storm with a middle single coil pickup (DiMarzio made IBZ/USA stacked single in this particular guitar) produces a bright and jangly tones on the dirty channel, with plenty of twang when banging out single notes. It's great for funky riffs and licks, and for a good change in feel when playing rhythm guitar predominately with a bridge pickup.

On the clean channel the Gravity Storm sounds beautiful and warm, but still retains great clarity and directness thanks to the ceramic magnet. Open chords in particular sound vibrant, and barre chord work is nice and clear. Dig in a little and you can get a little grit, but not to the extent of the bridge model.

Split the Gravity Storm with the middle single coil and things get very bright and chimey. It does a very convincing job of generating true combined neck and middle single coil type tones found in a good Strat.

Overall the DiMarzio Gravity Storm Neck model is a top notch neck pickup for blues, rock, and heavier music styles. I can't help but think it might be a cool pickup in the vein of the PAF Pro in the bridge position too, and plan to try it soon. The Gravity Storm Neck model is a perfect match for the Gravity Storm Bridge model, but that's not really a surprise though. They were both designed by Steve Vai. If you are looking for beefed up single coil directness in a humbucking package, with enough hair and warmth for high gain fluid solo work you cannot go past the Gravity Storm Neck model.

Liked about it Fat sounding humbucker with single coil like directness
* Fast attack due to it's ceramic magnet.
* Splits nicely with a middle single coil.

Didn't like Not the cleanest sounding neck pickup.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Oct 05, 2012
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Price: $28 to $74
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New Steve Vai Signature Pickups Pack a PUNCH! featured

Comments I just received the unreleased DiMarzio Gravity Storm pickup set. They will be released at NAMM.
The specifications for this neck model are:

Wiring: 4 conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 290mV
DC resistance: 12.56Kohms
Year of introduction: 2012

Output Treble Middle Bass
298 5 6 6

As always--DiMarzios are easy to install and come with box candy: extra mounting screws and springs.
They'll also be available in the usual palate of colors--I ended up with a purple set...imagine
I installed my gravity Storm set into my Ibanez RG620X. For the review and audio clips, I first ran the guitar through my Dime Blacktooth 20 watt combo and into my multitrack deck. After I played and recorded it through the Blacktooth--I ran in straight into my recording deck and used an amp sim.

Liked about it I love the full, bubbly Strat-like tones of this neck pickup. While the EQ and output are different than it's bridge counterpart--the Gravity Storm neck humbucker is actually a good match for it.

The tones blend smoothly while flipping through my selector switch positions. In full humbucking mode, it's nice and fat. In split mode--it's got a nice Strat tone.

When the innder coil is combined with the bridge inner coil, it gets the twang of a Tele. The gravity Storm set is by far the most versatile DiMarzio pickup set available.

You can go from full on heavy metal through Tele twang and end up at Strat-like bubbly tones. I have yet to find a set of pickups that allow for this many combinations of tones.


Didn't like Nothing!

This neck pickup is a perfect match for it's bridge counterpart.

Overall satisfaction:

By AlaskaBat
Jul 14, 2012
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Price: $28 to $74
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at 4 stores

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