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Dimarzio DP165 Breed Neck

Dimarzio Breed Humbuking pickup for Neck position

Price: $37 to $69 at 2 stores
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Nice tone, but slightly disappointing considering the Vai collaboration. featured

Comments I bought the Breed set (bridge/neck) to put in my Black 20th Anniversary RG550. I'm not really sure what I was expecting given the description on the DiMarzio site, but what I got definitely wasn't what I expected. The Breed Neck pickup is advertised as "hotter and louder" PAF PRO. You can't really tell the difference even though the difference in output is listed as 325 mV with ~2K more DC resistance, except for the fact that the PAF PRO has better tone and appears to have more output. If you're confused, so am I. Understand, I'm not saying the pickup sounds badly, it's just that I expected something a little more robust. The EQ curve on this pickup is pushed, yet flat (Bass=7.5, Middle=7.5, Treble=6.5). If I hadn't mentioned that these sound clips came from an Ibanez RG550 I'm betting I could pass these off as having come from a Les Paul neck position PAF. The sound is extremely classic, round, jazzy, and barely warm with just a touch of the signature DiMarzio color. I don't know that I agree with the description of the pickup listed on the DiMarzio site, but if you're looking for a neck pickup that has a balanced sound, doesn't even sound really medium-gain (even at 325 mV), and can make most guitars sound like a Les Paul in the neck position, I'd say this is the pickup to try. Your mileage definitely may vary on this one. For the record, these were recorded using my standard POD Farm patches that can be downloaded from my web site:

The clean patch was changed because I was using an amp that came with an expansion pack, not the standard POD Farm suite and I don't want people to have to upgrade to use the patch.

The recording was made run straight into a Line6 DI-S, into POD Farm, then recorded and exported to MP3 using Audacity. Listen to the sound clips and decide for yourself. To me, it just seems like it sounds more like a bridge pickup than a neck pickup.



Liked about it DOES deliver harmonics easily as advertised.
EQ curve will allow the cleans to cut through the mix.
Versatile--cleans can sound "Pop" or "Jazzy" depending on your needs.

Didn't like Seems to lack the "glassy" overtones of classic PAF pickups.
Would really have to drive the amp to get hard rock solo tones--don't know that I'd ever use this pickup w/overdrive or distortion.
Vintage-sounding pickup but no factory-installed nickel cover option.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Mar 18, 2010
Last updated: April 09, 2010
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Price: $37 to $69
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at 2 stores

My Favorite Neck Pickup... EVAR!!!1!!ONE!! featured

Comments A while back I was looking for a new neck pickups that didn't have the usual booming low end that hated so much with the previous neck pickup I tried, the Seymour Duncan '59. I like using a neck pickup as a smoother alternative to the bridge PUP, not necessarily an entirely different sound. The Dimarzio Breed neck pickups is a tight, fairly clear, crunch machine and I have yet to find a guitar that it doesn't match up well with.

The tone of the pickup really is a relaxed Dimarzio Evo - smoother with some high end rolled off. This makes for an excellent lead pickup while retaining the warmth and punch that a player often looks for in a neck pickup. I was surprised at how the Breed sounds fairly nice clean, as opposed to twangy like so many of these 'warmed up hot' pickups (eg. Seymour Duncan Distortion). I will point out that when coil-split the Breed didn't really change much in character. Some pickups like the Dimarzio X2N have a truly unique split sound, but the Breed largely maintained its humbucker sound when split, for the most part. Not that it matters if you don't use a coil-split.

I actually took my Breed neck pickup and placed it in the bridge position to see how it sounded. I also own a Breed bridge pickup but I wanted to see how much of a difference there was between the bridge and the neck versions. The neck version, in the bridge position (of my Music Man JP6) was crazy smooth. It was one of the smoothest, jazziest tones I've ever heard. I even slapped some flat wound strings on my axe and it was like playing a vintage jazz classic..

All in all you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Dimarzio Breed neck pickup in the neck position and you can get some damn good, damn smooth sounds out of it in the bridge position.

Dimarzio Breed neck: (9.0/10)

Liked about it Top three things I like about the Dimarzio Breed neck:

1)Greatest neck pickup sound.
2)Fairly cheap. Can be found quite easily online for low price, especially used.
3)Matches very well with any PAF type bridge pickup, and most anything else as well.

Didn't like Top three things I don't like about the Breed neck:

1)Indistinct coil-split sound.
2)Won't make you better looking.
3)Wish Dimarzio offered pickups with chrome covers.

Overall satisfaction:

By Johnny Two Tone
Jan 20, 2010
Last updated: January 21, 2010
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Price: $37 to $69
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at 2 stores

A new breed of versatile pickup, not just for a jem

Comments I have tried this pickup out in a Jem 7DBK and was very impressed, so when I decided to swap out the EVO in the neck position of my custom Paduak RG it was the first choice. The EVO was very good, but dark, which with a heavy wood actaully makes it less versatile than it would otherwise be.

This model is effectively and upgraded PAF Pro that has been thickened up and given a bit more volume. It is a thicker sound than the PAF Pro, and a little bit louder, but is has lost the vowel sound that made that pickup so distinctive. If anything it has pitched itself as a more middle of the road metal pickup that is somewhere in between the PAF Pro and EVO.

Played clean this is a very good pickup. It has a clear slightly rich sound with good note seperation. It manages to be warm but bright, without being shrill or muddy. A major achievement and great pickup for chords or picked notes.

With distortion the sound is thicker than the PAF pro with maybe a slightly more compressed tone, but not too flabby at the bottom or shrill at the top. Lots of mids for a nice growl. Not the best sustain but that is easily forgiveable as it is such a great overall sound.

Not that it is a comparison that many people wil need to make, but it sits very well with the Dimebucker I use in the bridge.

Liked about it Nice sound, and very versatile
Good growling distortion
Doesn't get too extreme at either end of the spectrum

Didn't like Sustain is not great
Lacks a bit of individuality

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Nov 15, 2009
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Price: $37 to $69
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at 2 stores

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