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Dimarzio DP227 Liquifire Pickup

An all-new pickup created in conjunction with John Petrucci of Dream Theater with middle-level output and a mid-pushed EQ curve.

Price: $43 to $43 at 1 stores
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This will definitely become a staple of my neck position sound. featured

Comments Ok, so I'm a sucker for new gear AND I've always been a JP fan, even if I don't want to clone his sound. This is a great pickup in the neck position--I haven't tried it in the bridge position. The sound clips are created using the POD Farm patches I've previously posted links to and the pickup in an Ibanez RGR. Recording software is SONAR 8.5 Studio through an Allen & Heath Zed14 Mixer. This pickup has both presence and clarity and cuts through the mix extraordinarily well. The output is the same as a PAF PRO but the EQ has a huge mid push. Using mid-level distortion solos above the 12th fret are creamy and distinct. Listen to the clip--the thing that really impresses me (being a razor-crunch kind of guy) is that the sound of the pickup playing first-position chords isn't muddy or stifled. This impressed me the most and as noted, I won't be without a guitar that has this pickup in my arsenal, and it may even surpass the Super 2 as my go-to neck pickup.



Liked about it Extremely articulate.
First position chords aren't muddy.
Cuts through the mix extremely well.

Didn't like A tad pricey--paying for the Dimarzio R&D but still worth it.

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By racerevlon
Jan 04, 2010
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Price: $43 to $43
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