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Dimarzio DP705 X2N 7 Electric Guitar Pickup

The Monster gain pickup for all the seven-stringers out there.

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Extreme demolition and punishing gain with thumping bass. featured

Comments I was already a fan of the regular X2N pickup so when I got my first 7-string guitar this was the logical choice for a bridge pickup. I love that the EQ curve on this pickup is almost flat with a slight dip in the mids as it doesn't over-color the sound of the 7-string guitar and muddy up the bass. The extreme output of this pickup makes it perfect for crazy drop-tuned metal. With the right amp or distortion pedal you can probably make everyone in the first three rows sterile with your sound. The sound clips attached were created with my standard Line6 POD Farm patches so you can compare tones.

The POD Farm tones used to record these sound clips can be downloaded from:

I can see this being a low-cost solution for someone who likes their amp but wants more gain--this pickup definitely pushes hard and is Dimarzio's highest output pickup at 510 mV.




Liked about it Doesn't over-color the guitar's natural tone.
Menacing looks.
Pushes medium-gain amps into high-gain territory.

Didn't like Comes standard with nickel bars--had to order black bars custom.

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By racerevlon
Jan 10, 2010
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