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Dimarzio DP420 Virtual Solo

A strong replacement for your Strat bridge pickup that preserves the "vintage" look.

Price: $72 to $72 at 2 stores
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This is one great "sleeper" pickup. featured

Comments I call this pickup a "sleeper" because it preserves the look of the Strat but cranks up the output and tone of the bridge pickup into nice crunch and, with a little help, distortion. The DP420 Virtual Solo is an excellent alternative for anyone who doesn't want to change the look of their Strat but wants more output and a little more "rounded" tone with the highs not as piercing as a standard Strat bridge pickup. They'll never see you coming--no one will know your Strat is modded until you plug in. With a B/M/T EQ curve of of 6.5/7.5/5.5 it more closely resembles a humbucker but still preserves that "Strat" tone. The output of the Virtual Solo is 205 mV which is almost exactly halfway between a standard Strat pickup and a PAF. This gives the pickup a nice crunch and grind quality while keeping the cleans smooth, crisp, and glassy. Like the Dimarzio web site says, if you pick softly, the Virtual Solo cleans up nicely--hit the strings harder and output increases notably. In reality, when I dig into the strings I think the Virtual Solo almost takes on a Telecaster-esque "twang" and compression. Take a listen and see if you can hear it. All in all, I think the Virtual Solo is the best way to get increased output in the bridge of your Strat without changing the look of the guitar.



Liked about it Well-rounded tone and increased output for the bridge position.
Doesn't change the cosmetics of the Strat--keeps the "Vintage" look.
Can get some "Tele" tones out of it as well.

Didn't like Cleans can be harder to dial in with heavily-overdriven amp (use the neck pickup instead).

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By racerevlon
May 21, 2010
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Price: $72 to $72
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