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EMG HZ H4 Passive Bridge Humbucker

The H4 is the equivalent of EMG's 81 Active Pickup without the "active" that uses two "bar" loaded coils for "balls to the walls" tone. All HZ Pickups have EMG's exclusive 5-wire quick-connect output allowing any number of wiring combinations, and are fully shielded for a minimum of noise. String grounding is recommended to further decrease noise.

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Decent pickup

Comments Guitar: Jackson DK2M (Alder/Maple/Maple. Drop A)
Position: Bridge
Amp: B52 AT100
Cab: Genz Benz GB412 G-Flex

Let's just skip right into it!

Distortion: I use this pickup for Death Metal. And for that, it is a pretty alright pickup. It handles my low tuning very well and it fairly clear. It really hits you in the gut if you can EQ yourself properly. But the mids are fairly scooped (which I am not a fan of). And that's on an Alder and maple guitar, I can only imagine how it might sound on a Mahogany guitar.

It is also good for shred. You can hear every note very well. Sadly, since it's not very articulate, you can hide behind it. So if you're not too great, this is the pickup for you. If you're not too great and are wanting to become better, then stay away from this pickup! It will only hold you back.

Clean: Not a whole lot to say. The cleans are very clean and don't have any breakup. They stay completely clean. They're definitely a bit harsher though. But then again, all pickups are on the bridge pickup. It kind of sounds like an overly bridge neck pickup. So if you're into that kind of thing, then maybe this pickup is good for you. Not a whole lot I can use it for when it comes to cleans.

Liked about it Good for distortion
Had Decent cleans
Handles low tuning
Very quiet
Looks nice

Didn't like Mids are kind of scooped
Kind of muddy

Overall satisfaction:

By D.M.RG7620
Aug 05, 2012
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