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EMG Solderless Conversion Kit Featured

Great installation kit for converting all your EMG wiring into solderless !!

Price: $18 to $34 at 4 stores
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Comments Hey !! Although it's been available for a time, I just discovered this wonderful EMG kit that is so useful for inexperienced soldering guys like me. You have different types of kits to choose from depending on your guitar characteristics (Les Paul, SuperStrat, etc...), but basically it includes all you need to transform all your axe's circuitry into SOLDERLESS!!
All the components are easily connected by an "insertion system" that doesn't need any kind of tool.
Once you get the kit that better fits your guitar, it allows you to adapt it to any kind of pickup/knob configuration.
The bad thing is that it doesn't include any pickup switch, but it's very easy to add it yourself to the kit just by screwing it into the general bus, as indicated in the diagrams.
It would be great if, in the future, they would add a solderless pickup swith with the kit, and perfect if you could choose the type (5 or 3 positions, toggle switch, gibson or tele, tec...).
They include very comprehensive wiring diagrams for some of the most usual configurations and, although you don't find them all, it's very easy to "deduct" how to connect your particular instrument.
To sum up, in my opinion it's the best invention in the "pickup world" in the last years. In fact, the guys at DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan should launch a similar one for their products URGENTLY!! It would make our life a lot easier !!!!

Liked about it - So easy to install.
- Lots of configuration options and possibilities.
- It avoids undesired noise and buzzes from defective solderings.

Didn't like - Price.
- They should also include a solderless pickup switch and more configuration options in their diagrams.
- Obviously, it's only available for EMG pickups.

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By crazyibanez
Jan 30, 2011
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Price: $18 to $34
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at 4 stores

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