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Gotoh SGM-01 Guitar Tuners 3+3 - Large Button

Gotoh SGM-01 model guitar machine heads - - Made in Japan - - - Set of 6 - - 3 a side - - Chrome plated - - 1:16 Gear ratio - - Require 10mm (13/32") hole - - Include mounting screws, bushings & washers - - Large buttons - - Gotoh guitar and bass parts are some of the highest quality components available. Considering the price Gotoh is an excellent choice for any new guitar or replacement.

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Reliable, well priced tuners featured

Comments I have a cheap Saga PRS style kit guitar that was in dire need of machine heads that wouldn't allow the strings to go completely out of tune after bending a string. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on such a cheap guitar.

I have used Gotoh standard SG tuners on a few of my Ibanez guitars with double locking tremolos, and have found them to be well made tuners. Based on this I thought I would try out a set of Gotoh tuners on this particular guitar.

The Gotohs fit the existing tuner peg holes, so the only thing I had to do was drill holes for the screws used to help hold the tuners in place. I have dealt with these a few times, so this was a nice easy process.

I prefer my tuning keys to be nice and tight, so it is harder to accidentally over turn the keys. The Gotohs have an adjustment screw in the top of the tuning key, so it is nice and easy to adjust.

After installing the tuners, and putting on a fresh set of strings I found a marked improvement in the tuning stability. Now I can bend strings and not have strings go completely out of tune.

There is a little bit of slippage in tune from time to time, but it's no where near as bad as it was with the original cheap nasty ones the guitar came with. The cheap tune-o-matic bridge and tail piece may be attributed to this, so I might upgrade them at some other time. I'm conscious however that this guitar is very cheap, and am reluctant to spend too much on it though.

For the purposes of this guitar though the Gotoh SG tuners are just what the doctor ordered. I'm now using the guitar much more than I was previously thanks to the tuning stability I now have.

Liked about it Nicely geared, and adjustable tension
* Hold tune quite well. the only tuners better would be locking tuners
* Nice, modern design

Didn't like Could hold tune a little better, but this may be a result of the cheap tune-o-matic bridge and tail piece

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By LonePhantom
Feb 21, 2010
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