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Graph Tech LB63 Double Locking Tremolo

The LB63 allows your guitar to have a superior tremolo along with piezo saddles to add acoustic or synth elements to your instrument.

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Aftermarket piezo fused into a familiar friend featured

Comments If you have read my glowing review of the Gotoh Floyd Rose licensed tremolo then you're going to want to read this one as well. This is the GraphTech LB63 tremolo system and it has those awesome piezo saddles to get that oh-so-cool acoustic element as well as synth sounds if you buy the component for it. Now, as you Jemsite readers will know, Ibanez had the lock on this "Floyd-meets-piezo" with the Double Edge tremolo. The Double Edge whammy bar is great - don't get me wrong - the fusion of Ibanez and L.R. Baggs saddles is/was a good mix. However, the price tag is up there and you can't just buy them from Ibanez. Not to mention, they also come in only one color - cosmo chrome. The LB63 comes in Black, Chrome and Gold.

I am a proud GraphTech endorser and I have this system on two of my main live and studio guitars. The installation is easy as it will mount up to any Floyd-routed guitar with very little modification. The LB63 has been loosely based on the design of the Gotoh Floyd. It has the tilted-back fine tuners and the hardened steel plate and you can put a brass tone block on there. If you ever wanted to get that cool Petrucci guitar built but can't get your hands on a proprietary Ernie Ball tremolo system (they don't sell them to the public - trust me, I have asked) - here's your chance! And, in this reviewer's humble opinion, the components that make up this tremolo are way better. Why? The circuit boards allow for easy installation and the ability to use the Acousti-phonic preamp or the Hexpander Synth (both sold separately) module or BOTH!

Liked about it I can say that I LOVE the fact that as much as I like the Gotoh Floyd I can always turn to it's "cousin" in the LB63 if I want to add another dimension to my guitar. Also, here is another point that many people may not realize: the synth module (Hexpander - sold separately) does NOT need a battery to run it. If you have a synth module like the Axon AX-100 or any Roland with the 13-pin I/O, the 13-pin cable actually powers the unit! Some people may not get it but that's awesome in that you don't have to add a battery to the guitar to use the synth! You see, that leaves a few things open to let's say a Sustainiac Sustainer or active pickups like EMGs or even the Acousti-phonic preamp - all of which operate on a separate 9-volt battery. This is great if you're trying to make a "swiss army knife" of a guitar. One last great point about this is that it's a Floyd! Well, a licensed one - but based on the superior Gotoh. You can't lose! Another fantastic point is that GraphTech's staff is amazing. Absolutely top-notch customer service.

Didn't like The only complaint, if any at all, is that the tremolo can feel a little stiff here and there but I have had one on a guitar since the Fall 2008 and it has a nice broken-in feel now. Other than that, you can't beat this right now.

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By clubshred
Nov 09, 2009
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