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Gurian Fret crowning File With 3 Burrs

Three-in-one Fret File - This wooden-handled file features three interchangeable 1-7/8" hollow burrs for recrowning frets. The 4-1/2" long steel shank is angled for efficiency and clearance over the guitar body. Useful for a wide range of fret widths, from basses and guitars to mandolins.

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Fantastic Fret Recrowning File

Comments I have seen quite a few re-crowning files. most look like a normal file with the sides cut with the file surface. Those are flat which puts your hand down close to the neck with the chance of smashing/banging your hand into the frets or neck. This one is offset (see pic) which keeps your hands and fingers safe and up away from the frets and neck. this file has 3 diffrent size burrs for diffrent size frets which are removable and replacable, the other ones have 2 cutting sizes per file and if the get dull you need to replace the whole file.

Liked about it 1. keeps your hands and fingers away from possible sharp frets or just smashing into neck itself.
2. comes with 3 sizes of burrs so you can do diffrent size frets without having to buy another tool.
3. has replacable/removable burrs so if it gets dull you just replace burr not whole file.
4. does a great job of re-crowning very easy to use and keep control of.
5. very comfortable to use I did all 24 frets after doing a major re-level, I had to remove more material than normal to re-crown and I had no issues with sore hands or anything.

Didn't like The only thing I had a issue with was the wood knob style handle was a little loose and file could roll on you, I just wrapped a little aluminum tape I use for guitar shielding over shaft and pressed it into handle and problem was solved. The could of designed a better handle thats all.

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By spudler_t
Mar 06, 2010
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Price: $35 to $35
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