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GuitarHeads Hexbucker Humbucker Featured

The GuitarHeads Hexbucker is packed with tons of output, harmonic response, and big sustain. Each pickup features 12 Adjustable Hex Pole Pieces, for a more precise string attack. The Hexbucker is driven by an Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet (a High-end Ceramic), and is Wax Potted for Microphonic Suppression. These pickups also feature a 5 Conductor Lead, allowing you to...

Price: $30 to $30 at 8 stores
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Definitely Worth the Money....More Than I Expected!

Comments As the other reviewer stated, they do sound somewhat similar to the original Evo's, but only the bridge pups are really close. I actually prefer the Hexbucker bridge because it has similar output and harmonics, but it lacks the brittleness and unforgiving characteristics of the Evo.

The Bridge pup is absolutely amazing for the price and an unquestionable upgrade over the stock V8 in the RG570 I installed it in.

The Hexbucker neck pup is nothing like the Evo neck pup, and it can get muddy unless you have your sound dialed in to compensate for that. I prefer the Evo neck over the Hexbucker because it has such great definition at higher gain settings, but again for the price it's a great pup.

I have used them with a Podxt Live with ok results, but with my current Digitech RP355 they really shine especially on high gain settings. I have even been able to get some really great clean lush chorus sound patches using the bridge pup if you can believe that, so they are very versatile as well.

I paid $45 for the pair new and they are absolutely worth at least twice that considering what I paid for my Evo's. It may be a little unfair to compare them with Evo's, but they stand up to them very well when you get 2 for much less than the price of one.

Liked about it The Bridge pup is excellent. Great note definition, harmonics, with no unwanted noise.

The price; you can't beat the price.

They look great, come in many colors, and the black hex poles make them look similar to Evo's.

I don't use the capability, but they are a 4 conductor pup and the versatility is there if you need it.

Didn't like The bridge pup gets muddy at higher gain and needs some eq tweaking to get rid of it.

They come with a large hideous "Hexbuckers" logo that takes away from the looks of the pups. Had to scrub it off with some 1500 grit and buff them back out to get rid of the logo... So if you don't mind a little work don't mind the logo!

The green color I got was not as dark as my Evo's (I know big deal right)...other than that these would be great pickups at twice the actual price you can pick them up for!

Overall satisfaction:

By ZR2009 May 27, 2012
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Price: $30 to $30
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at 8 stores

Awesome and Cheap Alternative To Big-Name Pickups

Comments These Pickups have a similar sound to an evolution, with their great harmonics, biting sound, and fairly high output. They are absolutely noiseless, potted in wax to suppress microphonics, and come in six vibrant colors. They utilize a ferrite (ceramic) magnet and have 12 adjustable hex pole pieces. I feel that in my RGT42, a basswood thru-neck, they have terrific sustain, and drive the sound well no matter what effects I have running, or on what channel of my amp. They aren't as clear as Dimarzio Evolution or PAF Pro, but when a set costs less than one of those, it's hard to complain. Overall, I'm very pleased with the sound of these pickups, and any sonic hangups to be had with them, could be fixed with a few slight modifications.

GuitarHeads Hexbucker Humbucker Pickup Demo by Lloyd Wallace (video)

Liked about it Awesome harmonic response and killer tone.
Low price ($50 for a set)
4 conductor lead (good for coil splitting and other wiring configurations)
Sweet color selection

Didn't like Wish more colors were available
Could have a little more clarity

Overall satisfaction:

By jbouxa
Jul 06, 2011
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Price: $30 to $30
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at 8 stores

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