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Mai-Guitars replacement bodies

We strive to produce custom guitar bodies that suit every unique player's wants and needs. We can help you design and create your project which you will be proud to call My-Guitar.

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New kid on the block is taking over!

Comments Mai-Guitar makes replacement (aftermarket) Ibanez Jem bodies and necks. He also offers a swirl service. He has just started making necks, too--with LEDS as fret markers.

Liked about it I got one body from him, and am awaiting my second. These bodies are made to fit existing higher end MIJ Ibanez RG parts: Wizard necks, Edge trems, etc. My body arrived in near perfect shape--I just needed to do some minor touch-up work to remove routing fuzz. My existing RG-570 neck, original edge and all other hardware fit the body perfectly. From what I've seen with this body, Mai-Guitar is clearly the new go-to place for aftermarket bodies.

Didn't like Nothing. Even the minor touch-up work was to be expected.

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By AlaskaBat
Sep 17, 2011
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