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Mighty Mite Motherbucker Pickup (Front / Neck )

Finally, the Motherbucker is back! You won't believe how good your Les Paul will sound! This is the mother of all humbuckers!! - - The new Motherbucker boasts a 17.98k output for the neck. The new design allows scorching gain without losing tone for a great lead sound and super tight bottom end for rhythms. These babies are hot, hot, hot! Get that Les Paul sound you've always wanted and baby your guitar with the gorgeous look it deserves!

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Huge fat lead sounds here featured

Comments I bought the Motherbucker for a cheap Saga PRS style kit guitar I was building. I bought the black/cream zebra model which gave me the vintage look I wanted, but a ton of output for huge tone.

The kit guitar I was installing it in has a cheap multi-layer basswood body, and a maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

Working out the wiring required a bit of digging around on the Mighty Mite forum at the time, but now their site has all the wiring information to work out how to install it.

The Motherbucker looked quite nicely made for the money, and once installed they looked the part against the metallic maroon colour I had painted the body.

I installed this pickup with the 21.6K Motherbucker bridge pickup. To keep up with such a high output pickup the neck model definitely needs the 17.98K output, and keep up it does.

The Motherbucker neck pickup boasts an extremely fat sound, but somehow manages to provide some clarity. It is nice and round for soloing, both on clean and distorted sounds. It actually sounds quite nice for nice warm thick clean chord and single note work too.

It is capable of not only high gain metal, punk and grunge tones that you would expect of a high output pickup, but also sounds nice with clean, and slightly tones. It sounds great for blues soloing and would probably be pretty nice for jazz too.

The Motherbucker is a fairly quiet pickup considering the output. It seems to perform at a level far higher than it's price range, making it great value.

Overall the Mighty Mite Motherbucker pickups are great value for money. The bridge pickup is a great match for the neck pickup, but I'm not sure if there are too many other bridge pickups out there that are comparable in output to fight it out with the massive 17.98K output on the neck model. Regardless I think it's worth trying out if you are looking for a matched pair of pickups, or are looking for a high output neck pickup to go with any other high output bridge pickup. It will certainly put up a fight.

Liked about it Looks great
* Well made for the price
* Great fat tone for lead guitar work

Didn't like Might be a little too fat for some.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Apr 09, 2010
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Price: $20 to $20
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