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RP Tremolo Stabilizer.

The RP Tremolo Stabilizer enables a floating tremolo (up and down movement) to have a zero point to which the tremolo bridge will always return to. You retain the floating action of the tremolo, so you still have up and down movement on the tremolo arm, but with much better tuning stability. Can be fitted to either Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridges or Strat style non...

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RP Tremolo Stabilizer

Comments RP Tremolo Stabilizer for use with the majority of tremolo equipped guitars.

Liked about it Built absolutely solid! Brass body and stainless steel tip it feels like it will outlast the guitar it's placed in for years.
It also improves the tone of the guitar slightly. Most guitarists who use a floating tremolo k ow that you sacrifice a little certian something in exchange for the flexibility you get. This little device gives you back a little of that something you loose. You also get a little extra volume acoustically. The result is a guitar that cuts through the mix better
One of the beat things this device does however is. As the name implies, gives you back the stability that you long for! You cand bend single strings without the others going out of tune, you can break a string without the others going you of time and your guitar becoming absolutely useless for he rest of your show and you can go from concert tuning to drop d in seconds instead of having to bust out the allen keys .

Didn't like It helps to be in the UK. In all honesty I'm uncertain if Bob will ship over seas but there is no harm in asking.
I would have like for the small fabric pad to be self adhesive. I had to glue it to my tremolo block with a small drop of super glue which I would have preferred not to do but this is the only complaint I have and really it's so small it's barely worth mentioning.
Handmade in small batches so theyre great quality but it does mean that theyre a tad pricey but frankly you get what you pay for.

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By Livingparody
Mar 07, 2011
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