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You can get screaming feedback sustain at any volume at home, in the studio, or on stage. You can "morph" the sustained string vibration into cool-sounding harmonics during a solo, by using the Harmonic Mode control. It is similar to amp feedback, except that the feedback sustain is more predictable and much easier to achieve. -

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Comments I started looking into the difference between Fernandes and Sustainiac, and after a lot of searching, I wound up getting a Sustainac Stealth Pro and putting it into my Ibanez RG Prestige.

By comparison, there is nothing wrong with the Fernandes, but the Sustainiac is definitely a superior product in every way. For one, the circuit board is smaller and easier to fit in the guitar than the Fernandes. Whether it will require routing is totally dependent on how much room you have in your guitar's control cavity. You have to install the circuit board and a 9 volt battery in there. My guitar had a fair amount of room inside, but I did have to do some battery compartment routing on the back.

Let me just say for the record, that installing either one is a BIG job. It's not like just dropping in a pickup. It took a guitar tech over eight hours to do the job. Most techs charge at least $100 dollars to install them.

Just so you know, you will have to remove your neck pickup which is replaced by the Sustainer driver/pickup. The one on the Sustainiac is actually quite good and sounds like a fat single coil or like a 59. Another plus is that the customer service/tech support at Sustainiac is top notch. They provide tons of info on their web site and will personally help you on the phone or email with any questions or problems that come up during installation - I know, because we had to call them in the middle and get some more info. They were very helpful and a pleasure to work with.

The Sustainiac also sounds better than the Fernandes in my opinion. It's got a three way switch for different modes (harmonics). Again, I have nothing negative to say about the Fernandes, but the Sustainac is better, in my opinion. ....

Sustainiac Stealth Pro Demo Review (video)

Sustainiac Stealth Pro Demo Review (video)

Liked about it 1)Endless Sustain till the battery goes flat. The 9Volt batt can last you for about 20 to 30hours.
2)Great Harmonics and you get 3 types.
3)The front pickup is active and definitely sounded better than the stock Dimarzio/IBZ

Didn't like What's not to like when u can get amp feedback and harmonics with endless sustain from the tips of your hand.
About installation, you have to install the Sustainiac further away from the bridge pickup for at least 3 to 3.5 inches. A high chance of harmonic noise will be created if you don't follow the specs.

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By Zepp3lin
Feb 04, 2013
Last updated: February 10, 2013
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