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Seymour Duncan SPH90-1n Phat Cat Pickups

A P90 drop-in that provides excellent P90 tone in a humbucker form factor.

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P90s in a humbucker package--no modifications required!!! Awesome!!! featured

Comments As many of you know, I have a guitar or two. So imagine my shock when I went to nail a specific tone and realized, "I don't own a guitar that has P90 pickups in it!!!" Ok, now what am I going to do? Well, as it turns out both Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio have a solution for that, but the Seymour Duncan pickups were in stock. Thus, I ended up replacing the humbuckers in one of my Epiphone Les Pauls with the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat SPH90-1b/n set. These are P90 pickups in a humbucker form factor, so they are exact drop-in replacements, no drilling holes or routing required. They went in perfectly and wired up easily.


In case you missed that...


For the longest time I've been looking to nail that "70's rock" tone and these pickups are the exact prescription for doing so. I've tried to massage the tone using semi-hollow guitars but installing these pickups has punctuated the fact that the P90 is still a popular pickup because it just oozes that crunchy warm tone that has just enough, but not too much bite and growl. The polished-nickel-covered set looks great in my Les Paul and the sound is all crunch. The pickups are reverse-wound so that they hum-cancel in the middle position. I have purchased the Dimarzio equivalent (Bluesbucker) but I haven't installed it yet. That'll be another review. For now, I can say that if you need P90 tone, have a humbucker-equipped guitar, and don't want to buy a whole new guitar or do non-reversible modifications, the Phat Cat pickups will deliver the goods. The attached sound clip is the same blues progression I've been using of late. The rhythm and solos below the 12th fret are the bridge pickup, and the solos above 12 are the neck pickup. Enjoy!


Liked about it Excellent P90 tone
Nice-looking pickup

Didn't like A little pricey for P90s, but well worth it!

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By racerevlon
Feb 09, 2010
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