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V-Picks Diamond

This guitar pick is laser cut the same size as the Medium, but is 4.10mm thick. - It is the same as the Diamond, but with a bit sharper, more pointed corners. - The Diamond Pointed is fabulous for lead and rhythm. Fast, Fast, Fast!!! - A great overall, go-to pick. I am knocked out by this guitar pick. VERY articulate and clear sounding. Great for strong phrasing.

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Huge pick for huge sound

Comments I was looking around for some picks to try out, because changing pick is a very good way to change your sound. I saw a friend of mine play V-Picks, and they go out for about $10,- so I thought: why not?

It came in a few days later and when I tried it out, I immediately heard it was a very sturdy and bright pick. It is made from some kind of rigid plastic, which looks a lot like glass. It is 4.1 mm thick, and boy, you can sure hear that. It has a huge attack and it brightens your sound up massively. However, since it is such a hard material, it wears down your strings more.

Liked about it - Huge sound
- Very comfortable to hold and play with
- Gives a nice attack

Didn't like - It wears down your strings because it's so sharp and massive
- They may give the guitar too responsive and bright sound

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Nov 13, 2012
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