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B-Band A1.2 Acoustic Guitar Endpin Preamp Narrow

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totally worth it

Comments A perfect solution if you wouldn't want to drill a new hole in your instrument.
Everything is attached via tape or glue. Wouldn't damage your instrument. You need to install a 9v battery compartment along with preamp, volume and tone controls . Easy wiring that fits most guitar shapes.

Liked about it Uses the existing hole at the bottom of your guitar, you can install this with minimal adjustments
sounds great..but it is not a mic direct at the sound still would need a mic for optimal sound.

Didn't like It is a bit pricey..but worth it. I got it along with the under saddle transducer and the soundboard transducer...all would set you back $250+. plus the actual volume and tone preamp..I wish it had a separate eq instead of one tone control. this is the top of the line systems available today.

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By Born666too
Jun 09, 2010
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