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EMG 81/85 Active Humbucker Pickup Set Camo

Musical Instruments

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Great looking and sounding EMG kit !!!

Comments Finally EMG guys decided to give their products a better look !! They look awesome in my Washburn N2 !!!
Not much to say about their sound, it's the classic EMG 81+85 sounding set, unique for distorted tones and metal sounds! As we all know, clean tones could be improved on, but they are acceptable. Maybe they are too focused on heavy metal tones, but for all of us "metalheads"; What's the problem?
Hey all at EMG; I encourage you to launch in a near future a new line of EMG pickups with a newer look (neon colors, more camouflage patterns, urban camos, stripes, stars, band logos, guitar brand logos, graphics with your own EMG logo in super-big size, country flags, tiger graphics, graffitti graphics, maybe custom graphics...), it could be a new world of products for your brand, and I honestly think they will sell a lot !!
For the moment, if you want to install EMG pickups in you axe with a different look, this is your set !
I think the manufacture of this kit was limited to 300 units in 2008, but you still can find some sets left in local music shop surfing the web !

Liked about it - They look awesome !
- Lots of pot/control configuration options.
- Classic EMG "metal tone" !!!

Didn't like - Clean tones.
- They should be SOLDERLESS as the newer EMG kits.
- They should also include a couple pickup rings with the set, shouldn't they?

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By crazyibanez
Jan 30, 2011
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