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EMG H4A Passive Humbucker

Musical Instruments

Price: $69 to $69 at 1 stores
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Nice Stock Pup

Comments This is definitely more than I was expecting when I got this pickup. It came stock on my Douglas SR-1, which is comparable to a string through the body Jackson RR.
I thiought i'd have to replace the pickups, but they really weren't too shabby. They did both hi gain and clean tones nicley. I never experienced any mud unless I intentionally set them up to sound that way. They are really good for a stock pup.

Unfortunately, they don't really compare too well with other aftermarket pickups.

Liked about it It had a dul flavor- 1 for being nice clean and the other for being good for hi gain stuff. If i wanted a not active EMG desigin, these delivered on most fronts.

Didn't like EMS's are known for their active design and these were not active. They didn't even have active characteristics. They work ok for stock pickups, but they are not perfect by a long shot. There pickups that sound better for the price. EMG should stick with designing active designs.

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By The Rossness
Feb 04, 2010
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Price: $69 to $69
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Noisey and muddy.

Comments Guitar: Jackson DK2M (Alder/Maple/Maple. 24 frets)
Tuning: AEADF#B (Drop A)
Position: Neck
Amp: B52 AT100
Cab: Genz Benz GB412 G-Flex

Title says it all. Very muddy and not very clear. It's alright for shredding on distortion but not great. It has pretty low articulation but I'm sure that it would be great for other genre's. Maybe Blues. Terrible for cleans. If you like Jazz, then don't ever even CONSIDER this pickup! Ever!

I will not be keeping this pickup.

Liked about it It looks nice.
It's decent for shredding. Almost no articulation but certainly not the worst pickup I've ever heard.

Didn't like Muddy
Couldn't do cleans to save it's life

Overall satisfaction:

By D.M.RG7620
Aug 05, 2012
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Price: $69 to $69
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at 1 stores

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