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Goldo Backbox a.k.a Rockinger Blackbox

Tremolo Stabilizer. The classic add-on unit which puts every Floyd Rose- or Fender-style tremolo into a fixed rest position. - A small spring loaded mechanism allows a free floating tremolo to return into a pre-definided position after usage. This also prevents the tremolo from buzzing after hitting the strings too hard. The Black Box is being installed in the tremolo routing between two tremolo springs.

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great for an old or wornout tremolo

Comments ok the fat10 tremolo one my rg120 had wornout knife edges and i couldn't vibrato my tremolo.So i was looking for a cheap way to fix the problem and came across this little thing.

Liked about it i liked that it works as advertised it puts the tremolo back into the original position it was in before use.and unlike the hipshot trem setter this only takes the place of one spring so i can still use 3 springs(which is what i needed for the strings i use)also it keeps the other strings from going down in pitch when you bend a string. allowing double stop bends to act more like a hard tail guitar(great for Zakk Wylde fans)overall its a great upgrade for your tremolo

Didn't like hmm what i didn't like well lets see. the installation is a little hard you need to take it apart to screw the base plate into the body.the printed instructions where in german but its a pretty simple setup. and you can find english instructions on they're site and on other does make it a little stiffer to pull on but after awhile you will get used to this last one doesn't affect me personally but i have read it gets rid of flutter. i never really learned how to flutter the tremolo and never liked the sound of people fluttering they're tremolo's so it could just be a rumor.

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By guitarnub3
Dec 13, 2010
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