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Graph Tech Slotted Trem-Nut with 1/4" String Spacing Featured

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Price: $5 to $6 at 3 stores
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Automatic Upgrade For All Of My Guitars featured

Comments This is mostly a review for Graphtech nuts in general but my first Graphtech nut was for my old Epiphone so I'll start here.

Graphtech nuts, to put it simply, are a graphite material (probably a decent amount of plastic in there but they don't specifically so say) 'impregnated' with a lubricant so that as the strings rub across the nut lubrication is released and the strings can easily slide across the nut instead of get bound up. Straight up Graphtech nuts work, and work brilliantly. Easy to install, basically eliminate binding, totally eliminate string breakage at the nut, easy to file, cheap, etc.

A major benefit of Graphtech nuts is that you can use a trem equipped guitar without a locking nut and not worry too much about the strings not setting back to tuned after using the trem. I install Graphtech nuts on all of my guitars regardless of whether or not they are trem equipped.

Liked about it Top three things I like about Graphtech nuts:

1)Eliminates binding.
2)Easy to install.
3)Relatively cheap.

Didn't like Top three things I don't like about Graphtech nuts:

1)Do not improve sustain as the advertisements would have you believe (at least not that I could ever tell).
2)Graphtech has yet to make a "compensated" style nut.
3)Wears out faster than some harder material alternatives.

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By Johnny Two Tone
Jan 20, 2010
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Price: $5 to $6
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at 3 stores

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