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Seymour Duncan Invader 7-String Guitar Pickup Black Bridge

Musical Instruments

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Great for downtuned metal in a solid body guitar featured

Comments I agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed in the other review below. I used a 6 string version of this pickup in a Gibson guitar for a little while, still in the guitar but i've lent it to a friend. I must sat, forgetting that the pickup was in a Les Paul for a minute, the 6 string version produced one of the best metal sounds I'd ever heard from an instrument.

I eventually put a 7 string version into an RG I had laying around and it transformed the sound massively.

The bottom end is incredibly over driven and booms out from the guitar without losing clarity or becoming muddy. I imagine it as an incredibly powerful sword folded 1000 times into something very sleek and tight. The pickup seems to pack power into the right places for metal without letting the sound leak outside of the place in the mix that it was designed for. The result is an incredibly strong distorted metal sound put through the right amp that will not disappoint.

If this is the sound you're after than I'd highly recommend this pickup, want to sound like Hatebreed, Throwdown or generally anyone playing chunky down tuned seriously heavy metal, go for it.

The only problem is that whilst this pickup excels so well at this style of music in a ultra high gain, ultra low tuned environment, it's not brilliant for much else!

Liked about it The sheer power and sound of this pickup for a heavy metal context is brilliant, could not ask for more. The best "metal" sound I've heard from an instrument was using this pickup and I play a lot of metal.
The way it handles the frequencies of down tuned instruments whilst keeping the clarity is great whilst also providing great harmonics on thicker strings.
A third like... well it's black and chunky. Ok that's kinda lame but it looks powerful so suits the metal ethos :)

Didn't like For what it does, no complaints, it's a balls out metal pickup.
If that's what you want then there is nothing to dislike, there isn't anything better for heavy metal.

Not massively versatile, but that's not really a dislike.
Also quite a large poled pickup, check the spacing and the fitting depth of the guitar before purchasing!

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By D1m3b4g2
Nov 10, 2009
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Very Metal Pickup

Comments Very good metal pickup, pinch harmonics galore!

Liked about it I first bought an Invader a few years ago, and played the 6 string version for a while. Eventually I also bought the 7 string version and it was equally as good. It's a pretty high output pickup, that handles a lot of gain well. Handles Lower tunings very well. Pinch harmonics don't get much easier when you're going through one in the bridge position. I like it enough to have put it in probably 5 different guitars.

Didn't like Doesn't clean up the best when you roll the volume back on the guitar. Also not the most versatile pickup. It does metal well, but is mediocre at almost everything else.

Overall satisfaction:

By brothersnowgone
Aug 04, 2009
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