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Behringer C-1 Featured

The C-1 is a professional and super-affordable large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern.

Price: $8 to $55 at 8 stores
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Comments Here on jemsite, i usually start a review with some long winded story about why i bought the item I'm reviewing in the first place but this time i'm going to start a little more abruptly. Here on Jemsite, there are BARELY any microphones. As a Vocalist (And a guitar player, its about a 50/50 split so don't worry) i have a wide experience with microphones so I thought I'd expand the review arsenal. This will be useful because you know, buying a multi thousand $/£ amp, cab and guitar NON of this will matter if your using the wrong kind of microphone to record/feed your amp into a PA. So, the first of a series of microphone reviews heres the first.

I originally bought the C-1 because i was heading to a studio only to get a call, "We don't have a microphone to record you on". Needless to say after that I NEVER went to them again, but i stopped by a local music store bought what they had left, which was a Behringer C-1. We took this to the session and used it and it did a great job!

Sound: The frequency Responce was very good, however with vocals the sound got a little muddy on the lower frequencies, and a little fragile higher up. This is a good microphone if your a tenor, since the responce from the middle is the best. Same with guitar, if your using Normal tunings its great, but if your doing lower tuned "Chug" sort of sounds You might want to look somewhere else (Mind you, if you do that sorta thing then i'd suggest you look at either Drum-Kick microphones or microphones made for recording Basses). This microphone is also GREAT for acoustic instruments.

The build quality is VERY good. Solid aluminum casing on it was perfectly put together and felt solid.

Liked about it Good construction
Great sound for the price (Typical comment i know.)
COMES with a cradle! (For some reason, if you buy a super high end Nueman or Shure or whatever, they don't supply a cradle with the microphone, almost like they're hinting you use it in a different way but still.)
Amazing Price!
Red Light on the front indicating phantom Power.

Didn't like Can get muddy lower down the frequencies
The cradle isn't a PROPER one. Its fixed rather than suspended.

Basically i would recommend this microphone to Bedroom players who would like to record either vocals or guitar with it. With a price as good as this (Normally around £30 or $40 in the states (I think)) its up there with the Rodes and better than most the other far east made microphones.

However if your a Pro looking for a great condenser, you could buy a C1 but you know, i recommend you go on that popular auction site, as you can get £700 mics second hand for under £100 sometimes.

Overall, I'll give this a 3.5. It's not up there with the big boys yet, but its damn close. It's only a matter of time.

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By Big The Cat
Mar 06, 2011
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Price: $8 to $55
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