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AmpliTube for the Iphone

Amplitube for the Iphone is a multiFX processer and amp and cab simulator app that sits on you Iphone. Needs the iRig connector to run live guitar into the phone (or Ipad or ipod touch). Not recommended for earlier hardware versions and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later to operate. -

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Turn your Iphone up to 11 featured

Comments This scaled down version of Amplitube turns your iphone into a portable mulitfx unit and amp/cab simulator. It boasts 11 stompboxes, 5 amps (4 guitar, 1 bass), 5 cabinets and 2 microphones which you are able to configure in any combination. You can have 36 preset patches (in the full version) which includes 10 default patches to give you a head start.

You can use up to 3 stompboxes at anyone time in any configuration. They include all the usual suspects (overdrive, delay, chorus) along with some surprising additions like a wah pedal and noise suppressor. The wah can be set to auto (which is quite good) or set to one position, ala Randy Rhodes. I am not a big pedal user but it is fun to experiment and play around. I think the delay pedal is really excellent!

The amps come in 5 flavours, Clean, Crunch, Lead, Metal and Bass (I haven't tried this one as yet). All the guitar amps have reverb along with the standard tone controls and the nice addition of a tremolo function on the clean amp. The reverb seems to be set to come on in all the default presets, which is a bit annoying at first as I thought the software had some sort of inherant echo built in. Over all the amps are good. They are quite generic sounding so you wont necessarily get exactly the amp you are after. I think with tweaking you can get a workable sound out of them all, although I have found the high gain settings to be a bit fizzy. To be honest it is sensitive to pickups and the volume you are playing in, and also whatever you are listening through so it could be a lot to do with my setup. I did try a number of guitars with different woods/pickups etc and the pickups particularly have a huge effect.

The cab and mic selection is good and definately worth playing with as they really do affect the sound (as they would in real life).

The extra tools include a tuner and metronome (with tap function). I really like the tuner a lot actually.

You can add songs and play along with them, which I have to say that once they are on (getting them on is a bit of a pain) this is fantastic fun. I think I spent 20 mins playing Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" over and over again; can't wait to upload some Steel Panther! You can change patchs and settings as you go, but your settings do seem to bleed through to the song, which is annoying. The upload has to be done using your browser on a seperate computer on the same wireless network. This is a bit tedious as I have hundreds of songs sitting on my Iphone already and I can't access them. Why Amplitube doesn't connect to the ipod library I really don't know. It is a bit dim when you consider that most of us keep our favourite music on our iphone/ipod.

So how is it to live with? It is great! I could see this becoming an app I would use daily.

The battery usage is no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I think I got 20mins playing for an indicated 4% usage. When you consider what this app actually does it is nothing short of miraculous!

As far as I can tell there is very low latency. Again this is really surprising when you consider how bad that can be on a normal PC or laptop. How many other bits of software require you to turn off everything to avoid horrnedous latency or system crashes?

The software is very stable. I have probably only played for about 4 hours in total so far but without any crashes. I think the only problem I have had is leaving the tuner switched on which stops the rest of the effects/amps working. There probably ought to be an auto off function when you switch off that page, but once you realise what you have done wrong it is all good.

Where this really wins out over a pc based rig simulator is the ease of use that comes from the iphone interface. Stopping to adjust a setting requires you only to use one finger, rather than a mouse or whatever you would normally do. This gives you the feeling of being much more connected to the software. The patches are particularly easy to switch, and yes I have tried using my toe whilst playing and it is possible (with extreme care obviously!).

To summarise this is a really excellent app and in conjunction with the iRig connector turns your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch into a full on multiFX unit and amp simulator. The sound quality/realism is probably not as good as a full Rig simulator that you might put onto your PC and is never going to replace your full rig, but then again it is much cheaper and in many ways much more tactile and intuitive to use.

Definitely worth a look.

Liked about it The play along function
Ease of use and portability
Low battery usage and low latency make this a viable option as a practice amp, particularly when travelling.

Didn't like No compressor/sustainer
No Soldano amp :(
Song upload has to be done remotely, which is crazy since most of us will have our favourite songs on the ipod/iphone already.

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Jul 19, 2010
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