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Ardour Digital Audio Workstation

Ardour is a Free recording software designed for Linux and Mac.

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Amazing Ardour

Comments Most of you might have heard of Linux and not thought much of it (For those of you who don't know what Linux is, its an Operating System like Windows XP windows Vista, Apple Mac OSX Snow Leopard). Some of you that have heard of it will just think, "Its for computer geeks!" Well, a few months ago i was like that, till i wanted to do a lot of recording on a laptop that had windows Vista. Even when i returned the computer to factory settings and then installed Cubase LE the sheer latency was so bad, when i hit a string on my guitar i heard it about 5 seconds later! And the quality was poor too... Long story short i stumbled across Linux Ubuntu and Ardour.

I booted it up, installed Ardour and jack (Jack is a program that enables you to connect certain devices and programs to Ardour (Like ReWire)) it took a little bit of reading up and learning how to get used to it but eventually it wasn't too hard to use.

Now, I'm on a HP Pavilion dv2000 with pretty average specs, 2 GB ram, 140GB hard drive and i used a Alesis MultiMix 8 usb (the old one) and it ran perfectly smooth with Ardour. There was 0 zero Latency and the quality was Really good! The VST plugins were pretty average though, but you CAN install new ones you find yourself. Although that is Difficult on Linux and not so difficult on Mac.

The tools within Ardour is also very good! Easy to use too.

Liked about it Simple layout
Incredible studio recording quality and low latency even with rubbish specced laptops

Didn't like Although a Simple Layout, its difficult to first get to grips with
Very difficult to add plugins if your not used to code (Only on Linux)

This is a great product if your a musician and willing to get rid of your Windows system and are either
1. Sick of Windows
2. Have vista
3. Bad Specs that harm your recording

Then id suggest that if you want to do really good recordings but your windows PC is restricting you. Id suggest you give Linux Ubuntu a go! You can even try it before you install it!

I must warn you that There is no recognized Mastering software for Linux. There is JAMin but I'm not completely swoon by it.

A 4 because its made life better for me for free, but its VST plugins are so damn hard to install!

Yours confused by code,
Big The Cat

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By Big The Cat
Dec 22, 2010
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