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BOSS BR-1600 CD Featured

BOSS recording 16-Track

Price: $6 to $350 at 3 stores
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A good unit if you can't do computer recording and have the patience to learn. featured

Comments I bought this recorder before computer-based recording really took off and became consumer-affordable. I liked the fact that there were multiple tracks, a built-in CD recorder, and built-in processing and mastering effects. This is an all-in-one solution that is supposed to allow you to record, mix, master, and burn all your music onto a CD. The real sticking point with this unit is the interface and controls--tasks that should be relatively simple require scrolling through several menus and REALLY knowing this system inside and out. The included tutorial DVD is good, but not great. Don't get me wrong, this is a great unit and WILL allow you to produce good-quality CDs. The problem is that the industry model changed and the fact that you can purchase hardware and software for your computer for much less than the price of the BR-1600CD makes it hard to justify unless you don't have a computer. The upgrade to version 2.0 software was easy to perform but didn't really make a noticeable difference. I've since moved to computer DAW recording but still use my BR units for scratch tracks and ideas.

Liked about it BOSS GT-6 guitar processor engine on-board plus vocal toolkit.
All-in-one solution--from recording to mastering to CD burning--lets you create a finished product.
Tons of inputs allows for flexible recording options--enough inputs to record a drum set!

Didn't like Very steep learning curve--takes a long time to learn to perform relatively simple tasks.
Price is still relatively high with respect to other DAW products.
Has a USB port for connecting to a computer, but no software interface.

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By racerevlon
Dec 23, 2009
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Price: $6 to $350
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at 3 stores

Surely useful? featured

Comments The BOSS BR-1600 CD has many attractive qualities. 8 clear cut tracks, and 8 further split tracks, a built in CD writer for direct to CD burning, lots of inputs, effective outputs, and a multi-effects processor built-in, with an enormous hard-drive to store all you recorded tracks on. Sounds useful? Well, it should be. But the damn thing is so hard to use. The idea of this machine was to simplify recording so anyone and their grandmother could give it a shot, without reference to high-tech software programs and digital ins-and-outs. But it is frustratingly hard to get a high-quality track out of it. The effects processor is incredibly poor, with terrible artifical sounding distortions (which seems to be common amongst BOSS's digital effects processors). On the upside they again have great delays, reverbs etc. I would recommend setting up a mic system to record and avoid using any of the onboard effects if I was to be brutally honest. The mixing desk is also confusing and basic at the same time. But hey, at least you can record yourself, lay down a basic drum-track using the drum machine, and burn to CD any idea you have, but insofar as getting a semi-pro mix, I'd go elsewhere.

Liked about it 1. Burn directly to CD.
2. Useful as a basic 8 track. Beyond that falls down.
3. Massive hard-drive.

Didn't like 1. Poor quality effects.
2. Terrible mix.
3. Way over-priced for something so frustratingly impossible to use and get a good mix from.

I'd go down the software route in the future.

Overall satisfaction:

By custom24
Dec 17, 2009
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Price: $6 to $350
Compare Prices
at 3 stores

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