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FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Windows PCs (or Intel Mac/ Bootcamp).

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Comments I searched around a while to figure out which recording software was best for me. I demo'd all the major ones including Pro Tools, and came back to FLStudio.

First off, FLStudio used to be called Fruity Loops. Back then it was primarily a looping software and was really great at that. Alot of hip hop artists and electronica artists used it. It's evolved quite a bit since then.

FLStudio now has features that rivals the best recording software, including Pro Tools. FLStudio comes in a variety of editions, so you can really choose which one is right for you. You can go to their website and check out a feature comparison chart.

The first thing that I noticed, and I have the download Producer Edition by the way, is that it's laid out very similar to a real recording studio. To me, that made how to do things very first nature. You have a window where your instruments are at - real (your recorded sound clips)and soft, you have a sequencer in another window that tells when your instruments are to play and you have a window that contains the mixing board. Other popup windows contain things like effects, soft instruments and such. See a screenshot of the layout here:

The entire workspace is customizable to your liking, and all parameters can be changed.

Once you figure out which version is right for you you can choose between buying the boxed or download version. I went with the download version because with that I get free updates to my version for life. That's not the case with the boxed version. With that one you have to purchase the updates. There's nothing really in the boxed version that's worth getting it. Everything that you need is online. The online community is great, and there are lots of video tutorials on their site to get you going. There's also lots of video tutorials on youtube from other users.

You can also plug your instrument directly into FLStudio and hit the record button. Personally, I prefer to record to my 32-track recorder and then import my files into FLStudio, but that's just how I'm used to doing things. If you have the hardware on your computer that lets you plug your instrument in, you might as well learn to do it that way.

The software's recording ability is as quality and top notch as something like Pro Tools, but at a fraction of the cost. You'll also find that FLStudio packs alot of effects in with your version saving from having to shell out more money for plugins. Speaking of plugins, FLStudio can handle any plugin that you might would use with Pro Tools.

They also offer a free trial version that gives you the ability to use every feature in the most expensive FLStudio version. If you buy a version from them all you get is the key code to put into the trial that you've already downloaded, so you don't have to uninstall and then download the version you bought. Everything is contained in the trial version. That key code tells the software what version you bought.

FLStudio offers quality recording, feature packed plugins at a fraction of the cost of Pro Tools. It offers an intuitive layout that resembles a real recording studio. Everything is contained in FLStudio so you don't have to go to other software to make edits to your audio clips. You can do everything inside FLStudio.

Liked about it The interface is laid out like a real studio with lots of effects and soft instruments. FLStudio offers quality recording at a fraction of the cost of Pro Tools.

Didn't like None that I can think of.

Overall satisfaction:

By courtney2018
Aug 17, 2009
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More for the electronica producers

Comments Not a bad Daw at all, but its more towards electronica/sample sequencing,not really a versitle DAW.
sounds feel compressed in its natural enviornment, which is not bad, but it does kinda block me from getting a good master track sound sometimes.

This daw as stated before me feels like a toy with its audio editing abilites, but the daw does have a great piano roll that can crush ableton's piano roll. This daw is no Cubase,Protools, or Logic, but it does have excellent midi and cpu managment.

ImageLine did a extremely excellent job with most of there first party vst instruments and some effects, especially the synths, But I would stair away from the reverb as for it sounds a lofi compared to convolution IR's(impulse responces) and IR based vsts such as 2cAtherVerb

Last let me say the interface takes some time to getting used, and some times I think the workflow designe and the mixer routing/auxiliary system is plain stupid, but it works decently for me imo. Its not ableton live, cubase,or protools when it comes to effects routing, but its sure is a good system.

Liked about it Its simplicity that leads into complexity
Great for drum sequencing
Excellent first party vst instruments
999 mixer tracks (lol) I guess its whatever your cpu can handle
Great compatibility with hardware
Return track routing work pretty good, no lie

Didn't like The workflow design

Glitchy automation events if your not using the playlist.(sometimes it can permanetly damage your project.

Mixer routing

no realtime resampleing

no offline rendering

Not versitle

Confusing to beginners, many would not know that they will need to use the playlist editor

Why cant they make a timeline/playlist with tracks controls

Audio recording is alright but could be WAY better.

Not the best for a first timmers, but if you figer out this daw, you can figer out any DAW; quote me.

Its a good Daw, but just does not cut through to me.

Overall satisfaction:

By Aires
Apr 22, 2012
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Value for money. Powerful and intuitive but best a

Comments I have used Fruity Loops for a number of years for the one reason, that there is no other way to scetch up a beat or song at that crusial moment when its in your head and will be gone in a moment if you dont reach out and grab it. It is by no means, the primary DAW in my studio, but I would be at a loss if I didn't have it. The amount of Beats and Rythyms, melodies etc that I was able to quickly scetch down has rendered this lil daw priceless.

Liked about it Simplicity.
You can build complex arrangments in a flash. Features like step sequencer, misi support,piano roll VST/VSTi and DX support make this a very very handy tool. But all in all... its quick and easy to use. I could see it as being a brilliant introduction to the would of all thing DAW for a beginner.

Didn't like No matter how often it is upgraded, it always feels like a toy and lacks decent onboard editing fcilities. The sound quality it produces can leave a lot to be desired as it seems to have a natural type of compression. While you could easily produce tracks that could make it to final cuts and the charts (it happens)this has a fair way to go before it takes the place of Cubase etc.

Overall satisfaction:

By kigorri
Oct 08, 2009
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definetly worth the money.

Comments everything i need to make my rex files is here and i can import them to my riffworks and go to town.

Liked about it has a lot of samples and is fairly easy to work with.
it also has fairly realistic drum capabilities.
it is really fun to goof off too.

Didn't like the piano is hard to fugure out.
it could be a little easier to figure out..
not for the average noob.

Overall satisfaction:

By andrewsfury
Oct 17, 2009
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